Siltronic share: what does the new year bring?

Siltronic and Relative Strength Index

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), a technical analysis indicator, can be used to determine whether a security is “overbought” or “oversold.” To do this, the upward and downward movements of an underlying asset are compared over time. Let’s look at the RSI for the last 7 days for the Siltronic stock, the value is currently 25.79. As a result, the security is oversold and we therefore assign a “buy” rating. The RSI for the last 25 trading days is less volatile than the RSI7 and adds a long-term perspective to our analysis. RSI25 is sitting at 56.05, which means Siltronic is neither overbought nor oversold here, unlike RSI7. The security is therefore variously classified as “Hold”. Thus, overall the analysis of the RSIs for Siltronic gives a “Buy” rating.

Siltronic – the current dividend

Dividend yield measures the ratio of the dividend to the current share price and is usually expressed as a percentage. The current dividend for Siltronic is 3.08 percent based on the share price and is, at 0.2 percent, only slightly below the average (3.27) for this stock. Our analysts therefore gave Siltronic a “hold” rating for this dividend policy.

Which mood trend is prevailing?

The discussions about Siltronic on social media platforms give a clear signal about the ratings and sentiments surrounding the title. The positive statements are currently piling up in the comments and testimonials over the past two weeks. In the last few days, mainly neutral topics related to value have been discussed. Our editors have come to the conclusion that the company should be classified as a “buy”. After all, seven trading signals can also be determined at this level in the past period. The image gives 0 buy and 7 sell signals. This result ultimately leads to a classification as a “sell” stock. In summary, the editors believe that Siltronic stock is appropriately rated “Hold” based on investor sentiment.


Technical analysis of course development

Based on the moving average price, Siltronic is currently a sell. Because the GD200 of the value is EUR 106.57, which means that the share price (EUR 72.4) is -32.06 percent above this trend signal. This corresponds to the classification as “Sell”. Based on the last 50 days, the moving average price (GD50) is EUR 78.75. Viewed from the share price itself, this corresponds to a deviation of -8.06 percent. This means that the stock is a “Sell” value during this period. Overall, this equates to a “Sell” rating.

Siltronic: The feeling darkens

One of the soft factors in evaluating a stock is the long-term observation of communications on the Internet. From this point of view, Siltronic stock has presented the following picture for the past few months. As a result, Siltronic gets a “Sell” rating for this factor. The so-called rate of mood swings shows a change to the negative. This is equivalent to a “Sell” rating. Overall, Siltronic is therefore a selling value.

The stock is fundamentally undervalued at the moment

The key indicator for fundamental analysis is the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. On this basis, Siltronic, with a value of 11.55, is significantly cheaper than the “Semiconductor & Semiconductor Equipment” sector average and is therefore undervalued. The industry P/E is 36.35, which calculates a gap of 68 percent. Therefore, we classify the title as a “buy” recommendation.

Buy, hold or sell – your Siltronic analysis from 27/07 gives the answer:

How will Siltronic develop now? Is an entry worth it, or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you should act now in the current Siltronic analysis.

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