New meme coin on the way: Tamadoge presale with hype potential starts

Meme coins have been a much noticed trend in 2021. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu even managed to enter the top 20 of the global crypto market. After the initial existence as a fun currency, the establishment of a serious use case progressed for both cryptos. But now there is a new meme coin with potential, whose presale is just now starting. Because the success of other memcoins has created a solid foundation and developed a market segment where new memcoins can establish themselves. Now what do you need to know about the Tamadoge presale?

What is the Tamadoge coin?

“The Play-to-Earn-Dogecoin” – this is what Tamadoge officials advertise on the website. Tamadoge is the latest entry into the diverse Doge ecosystem to expand the play-to-earn space. Holders get a wide range of opportunities to earn money. The requirements are extremely ambitious.

“Tamadoge is not only the future of the Doge ecosystem, it is the future of play-to-earn.”

At the same time, Tamadoge is the focus of Tamaverse as a cryptocurrency where you can create, breed and care for your own Tamadoge pets. Launching in July 2022, Tamadoge is designed as a deflationary asset. Whoever earns the most Dogepoints in the Tamaverse will receive winnings from the Doge Pool.

Tamadoge’s tokenomics is referred to as tamanomics. In total, there will be two billion Tamadoge tokens. Half of this will be sold in pre-sale before the first DEX listing is pushed forward as a public pre-sale. 30% of the tokens must be locked for ten years from minting, while 20% of the shares are reserved for listing on CEX and DEX.

Why buy Tamadoge in pre-sale now?

But why should you buy Tamadoge in advance? Here are 5 reasons for an individual investment case.

1. Ambitious plans for Tamadoge

The planned development of the new meme coin is already laid out in Tamadoge’s roadmap. First of all, today there is the presale launch as the start of the story of Tamadoge. The first Metaverse partnerships are to be established in the first quarter of 2023. At the same time, CEX listings are currently being sought. In the second quarter of 2023, those in charge will then target the Tamadoge P2E Arcade, which will include a wide variety of games.

Tamadoge Presale

2. High security thanks to Coinsniper verification

To reduce the risk of a cover-up harming the original investors, the team conducted verification on Coinsniper. The Tamadoge team is KYC verified and the smart contract has been audited by

3. Hype potential of meme coins

The hype potential of meme coins also applies to Tamadoge. Because the large community of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin revealed that the Tamadoge tokens could create a great demand. The journey has already begun – at the start of the pre-sale there are already over 14,500 followers Twitter.

4. Play-2-Earn & NFT integration

The developers behind Tamadoge are currently working on an augmented reality app to play with Tamadoge Pets in virtual reality. All play-2-earn games from the web platform are also integrated into the app. Users can earn rewards early in the play-2-earn game from the diverse pool.

At the same time, Tamadoge also embraces the NFT trend, as all Tamadoge pets and in-game items are constructed as modern non-fungible tokens. In the Tamadoge Store you can trade with the NFTs – of course based on the native currency TAMA.

5. Tamaverse meets Metaverse

Metaverse is a growth trend that should follow us over the next few years. Therefore, Tamadoge cannot avoid integrating Metaverse. Metaverse partnerships must be established already in the second phase of the roadmap. The rendering of Tamadoge Pets allows integration into existing Metaverse landscapes.

Buy Tamadoge: How it works

If you want to speculate on a positive performance or even a price explosion at Tamadoge, you can now buy Tamadoge in the presale. This is possible in a few steps.

1. Configure crypto wallet

Configure Cryptowallet Metamask for Battle Infinity

In the first step, you need your own crypto wallet, which can be used to process a pre-sale. Many crypto wallets are free to use and quick to set up. A good choice is the MetaMask wallet, which supports different chains. To do this, simply visit the MetaMask website or the AppStore to download the MetaMask wallet. Now follow the instructions to set up the MetaMask wallet.

2. Buy ETH or USDT

When buying Tamadoge, investors are spoiled for choice. Because you can buy it with ETH or USDT. You can choose an established crypto exchange or an online broker like eToro. At the same time, it is possible to buy ETH on Tamadoge’s presale platform and pay by credit card. Finally, the tokens must be transferred to the wallet.

3. Connect the wallet to the Tamadoge presale platform

Tamadog Connect wallet

Now visit Tamadoge’s presale platform. On the official website, you can click on “Buy” and you will be forwarded directly to the pre-sale.

4. Buy Tamadoge

Finally, enter the amount of Tamadoge tokens in the search field – at least 10,000 – and click “Convert ETH/USDT. The purchase will then be completed and the Tamadoge tokens will be transferred to the wallet.

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