series | Holiday in East Brandenburg: In the Eberswalde Zoo, children can feed goats, otters and even wolves

series | Holiday in East Brandenburg
In the Eberswalde Zoo, children can feed goats, otters and even wolves


Sound: Antenna Brandenburg | 26/07/2022 | Deputy Director of the Zoo, Paulina Ostrowska | Picture: dpa/photototo

It’s holiday time in Brandenburg, and the holiday region has a lot to offer – for locals and visitors alike. Antenne Brandenburg gives you the best tips so that you don’t lose track. Today there is a holiday program at Zoo Eberswalde (Barnim) – a real experience not just for children.

Eberswalde Zoo attracts visitors all year round to visit lions, zebras and the like. During the holiday season from July 7 to August 19, there are also special offers, as Deputy Director Paulina Ostrowska reports: “I think there is something special on Wednesday’s peak. instead, she says.

Join us for wolf feeding

Every Wednesday at 11.15am during the holiday season, children have the opportunity to slip into the role of zookeeper and, for example, take over the feeding of meerkats, otters, raccoons or coatis. The very brave can also see the predators being fed in the afternoon: “At 2 p.m. there is a practical feeding of wolves,” says Ostrowska. Visitors have a good view of the impressive animals via the treetop path. “Visitors can hand-feed the wolves directly from above,” says the deputy director.

But there is also a lot to offer on the other days. On Monday and Thursday, the zoo school invites you to a guided tour of the 15-hectare area. “Registration is required, the price is 1.50 euros plus entrance,” says Paulina Ostrowska.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there is also a craft stand where creative people can let off steam for 1.50 euros. From Monday to Friday, young and old visitors can also find out more at an information stand and marvel at different animals.

Revisit the baby animals

At the moment, however, there is something else that invites visitors to return: “Of course, the holiday program is not only exciting, but we also have many young animals in the zoo such as young alpacas, small goats, six young penguins and small marmosets,” says Ostrowska. For this reason, holidaymakers who spend their holidays in East Brandenburg keep coming back, according to the sous-chef.

Those interested can find further information about opening hours and prices on the Eberswalde Zoo website.

Broadcast: Antenne Brandenburg, afternoon broadcast, 26 July 2022, at 14.40

With material by Michael Nowak

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