New NFT online poker platform has been launched

DFormer PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker executives John Caldwell and Bob Williams are said to be planning a new online poker platform called PokerAces. The online poker offer is said to be based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NFT technology. This was recently reported by the technology and business portal business news [Seite auf Englisch].

Caldwell and Williams’ goal is to make online poker more attractive to casual players who have lost interest in online poker in recent years. This is mainly because they have to play against bots and utility software in real time.

Pokerbots and RTA: A Battle Against Windmills?

Regulars often use bots or real-time assistance software that are prohibited in the virtual poker rooms when playing. In particular, these players gain a great advantage over casual players. As a result, poker fans who see the game solely as a pastime are leaving virtual poker rooms.

Major operators such as PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888 and GGPoker operators have taken up the fight against unfair competition. As recently as May of this year, 888 Poker announced that the company had seized around $300,000 from bot accounts in 2021.

GGPoker is also trying to crack down on bots and RTA. A Poker Integrity Council (PIC) is tasked with identifying and sanctioning suspicious activity. The extent to which 888 and GGPoker will be able to demonstrate long-term success in the fight against fraud with their actions is not yet clear.

The goal of PokerAces: to make online poker fun again

Online poker aims to bring joy back to players, according to a statement from i3soft, the company that developed the software for the PokerAces platform:

Poker is our passion, but we don’t like where online tournament poker is going. Until recreational players become active again, online tournaments will no longer be fun and provide a gaming experience worth spending time and money on.

Perform to Earn – Next Generation Online Poker?

PokerAces is said to be powered by AI. Players could work with their own AI bots. This should ensure that the field among the players again becomes more balanced.

At the same time, a new tournament format with real money should be introduced. This consists of two phases. In the first phase, only the personal AI poker bots have to compete against each other until the bubble is reached.

PokerAces also has personal poker bots. (Image:

Bots’ playstyle is based on the player’s metadata. PokerAces uses an algorithm that analyzes the past performance of players. As the player advances, they are rewarded with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

(Editor’s note: NFTs are virtual objects. Each one is unique. They are stored on blockchains and cannot be duplicated or copied.)

The fact that the first stage of the tournament is played only by bots has the advantage that players can reach the cash ranks faster. A process that normally takes several hours takes only three minutes at PokerAces.

In the second phase, the real players would then take over. Alternatively, they could also let the bots continue to play. To participate in the tournaments, players must purchase NFT bots.

The NFTs represent the player. They must be adaptable and evolve with the player. Special achievements such as winning a tournament should be reflected in the NFTs.

According to the developers, the tokens can later be upgraded with sunglasses, headphones, hats or other accessories.

Sales of poker bot NFTs are expected to start in the coming months. According to the developers, the platform should be launched in the third quarter of this year. However, there is currently no information about the countries where the launch is planned.

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