How much profit does a €100,000 investment in crypto hosting make?, Smart IT Alliance GmbH, press release

We receive dozens of inquiries about #cryptomining and #cryptohosting every day.

Today we answer a question that our customers ask us almost every day: “How much profit does an investment in crypto hosting of EUR 100,000 bring you?” the following lines.

Step 1

Of course, the question cannot be answered in one sentence, as you must first make elementary decisions. Since crypto miners can usually only mine one or two cryptocurrencies, you need to decide on each unit.

Which mining hardware do you choose? You should make the choice based on which cryptocurrencies you want to mine and then decide on the appropriate mining hardware.

If the decision is difficult for you and you are unsure which #cryptocurrency to bet on, we are happy to help you put together your mining hardware.

step 2

Once you have chosen the miners, you order your #hardware and the corresponding #power slots. Your hosting space will be secured for you after receiving payment.

Doesn’t matter if it’s one miner or 1,000 miners. First come, first served!

step 3

Your devices will be set up and connected to a secured slot. From this point your mining will start.


Please note that the examples were considered coherently at a hosting site in the #USA. If you want a different location, the basis of calculation will be changed.

Three examples follow. Of course, there are countless other configuration options. If your desired representation is not included, you can request your desired configuration via our website – We are happy to create your personal configuration, depending on your hardware investment and mining requirements.

Example A:

This example is based solely on #Ethereum as a cryptocurrency.

We chose this example because many of our customers request it. Although the merger was supposed to be implemented at some point, it has not yet happened. Many of our customers are sure that there is still a long way to go. There were enough binding dates in the past, all of which were postponed again.

Therefore, be aware that after #ETHMerge – Ethereum can no longer be mined. However, the units we offer are convertible to Ethereum Classic. It is estimated that revenue will decrease by about 25% today.

Dividend per month: According to current calculations, this amounts to a total of 8.58%.

Monthly intake: EUR 10,792.00

Electricity: EUR 1,143.00

Hosting (rent, service, employees, etc.): EUR 1,068.00

Your monthly profit: EUR 8,581.00

Example B:

We used the following cryptocurrencies: #Ethereum, #Dogecoin/#Litecoin, #Bitcoin and #Kadena.

Dividend per month: According to current calculations, this amounts to a total of 4.70%.

Monthly intake: EUR 6,776.00

Electricity: EUR 1,390.00

Hosting (rent, service, employees, etc.): EUR 678.00

Your monthly profit: EUR 4,708.00

Example C:

For those addicted to pure Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Therefore, we do not want to withhold this variant from you, even though we do not use this variant ourselves due to the low return.

Dividend per month: According to current calculations, this amounts to 1.54%.

Monthly intake: EUR 4288.00

Electricity: EUR 2,310.00

Hosting (rent, service, employees, etc.): EUR 429.00

Your #monthly #profit: EUR 1,549.00


#KryptoMinerHosting is super charming. You choose your miners and off you go.

Your workload is 0%. You no longer have to look after your own premises, technical equipment, electrical connections, transformers, cooling systems, power connections, employees, security systems, etc.

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