Football NFTs – All about NFTs by the associations, Sorare & Co.

You may have heard this slightly odd-sounding acronym: NFT. These digital images have celebrated a real triumph in recent months and are finding more and more fans. There are now also football NFTs. Here at we want to inform you about what this is all about and how you can have fun with it.

What are NFTs and how do they work?

The abbreviation NFT stands for “Non Fungible Tokens” or “non-exchangeable coins”. Technically, they are unique data sets that cannot be duplicated one-for-one. For this, blockchain technology is used, which is also the basis of cryptocurrencies.

Does that sound too complicated for you? Don’t worry, we make it easier: Imagine you’re drawing a picture. The motif can be copied, but never your work in all its details. The painting time, the paper, the colors you choose, your technique, etc. form a mixture that cannot be duplicated. There may therefore be images that superficially resemble yours. However, they can always be recognized as replicas. Yours will always remain the unique original.

Now let’s move the image into the digital space: it cannot be touched with bare hands, but can only be seen on a screen. Otherwise, there is virtually no difference – and you have an NFT. As you might have guessed, football NFTs show images of your favorite sport.

Which NFTs exist in football with a particular focus on national teams and major tournaments?

This has already been mentioned: NFTs are on the rise in football. For example, the German Football League (DFL) offered a similar rights package in March 2022. The NFTs are scheduled to launch for the 2023/24 season. Other leagues took a similar approach. And of course the big tournaments shouldn’t be missing either: FIFA, for example, announced a collaboration with the cryptocurrency platform Algorand in the run-up to the World Cup in 2022.

This will help the World Federation design its own NFT collection for World Championships. FIFA’s partnership with the platform, which is an official sponsor of the World Cup in Qatar, is likely to go in a similar direction. UEFA has also had NFTs on offer for a long time: in 2021, the first corresponding UEFA Goal of the Year trophy was awarded. The corresponding collection for the Champions League was massively expanded in the 2021/22 season.

As a side note, following the issues with counterfeit tickets at this season’s international finals, UEFA is considering incorporating NFTs into future tickets to avoid these issues. In the medium and long term, this seems to be a safe way to use them in football as well.

Which football associations offer NFTs?

The DFL, UEFA and FIFA already rely on NFTs as an offering or would like to do so in the future. But that is by no means all: the DFB, for example, has already entered into a similar collaboration. For its part, ÖFB already has its own NFTs. In Switzerland, at least, such considerations exist. The Belgian association RBFA is working with the NOEXIS group to promote “digital fan engagement solutions” – this could include NFTs.

Which NFT providers are the most popular in the German-speaking market?

Fanzone, which also collaborates with the DFB, is very popular in German-speaking countries. Also worth mentioning is Sorare, who has previously worked with DFL for digital trading card games and individual player images. Algorand should also get a boost from the FIFA collaboration once the NFT collection hits the market. Topps is also very popular as a UEFA NFT partner.

What else can you expect in the future?

In the future, the range of NFTs in the football sector is likely to grow significantly. It will no longer be just about associations: clubs and individual players should follow suit if they are not already planning to. The French superstar Kylian Mbappé, for example, has come to Sorare. FC Bayern Munich already offers NFTs for its basketball department.

It can almost be assumed with certainty that he also has or already has football plans in the drawer that affect his football department. It should be no different at other big clubs – and more and more clubs should be interested in this opportunity to please fans and earn extra money. At the European Championships in 2024 or the World Cup in 2026, for example, NFTs could have surpassed Panini stickers.

Memories become immortal: this is why you should be interested in football NFTs

But do you really need NFTs? Why is it funny? Let’s explain: every fan has memories of games or certain scenes that are extremely important to them. In Germany, for example, it could be the moment when Mario Götze scored the winning goal in the World Cup final in 2014.

You can not only ensure that these memories become immortal for you through NFTs. You also build a very special connection to the corresponding scenes: because only you have the digital image of this magical moment. Matches at the World Cup or European Championship offer the best opportunity for this, giving you numerous goals from the best teams in the FIFA world rankings.

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