Evonik Industries shares: will it explode soon?

Evonik Industries – the yield is fantastic

The dividend to stock price ratio of Evonik Industries is currently 4.83. This results in a positive difference of +2.07 percent to the average of comparable companies in the “Chemicals” sector. Our analysts therefore today give Evonik Industries a “buy” rating for this dividend policy.

Still room for improvement in the share

The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is an important metric used to assess a company’s profitability and performance relative to one or more others. At Evonik Industries, the current P/E ratio is 15.23. Comparable companies in the “Chemicals” industry have an average P/E ratio of 41.79. From a fundamental standpoint, Evonik Industries is therefore undervalued today. The stock therefore receives a “buy” rating from the editors in this category.

Evonik Industries: The signals from the Relative Strength Index

The Relative Strength Index, abbreviated as RSI, indexes stock price movements over a 7-day period by relating the upward movements to the number of movements. The normal range is from 0 to 100. RSI for Evonik Industries is 41.01, which considers the situation neither overbought nor oversold. This results in a rating of “Hold”. RSI25 extends the calculation period to 25 days. The RSI for Evonik Industries is floating at 59.76. This is considered an indicator of a neither overbought nor oversold situation, which is assigned a “hold”. Overall, we therefore assign the rating “Hold” to this category.


Price return at Evonik Industries disappointing

Compared to the average annual performance of stocks from the same sector (“materials”), Evonik Industries is more than 75 percent below with a return of -15.98 percent. The “Chemicals” branch achieved an average return of 59.36 percent over the past 12 months. Here too, Evonik Industries is significantly lower with 75.33 per cent. This performance of the stock over the past year leads to a “sell” rating in this category.

Technical analysis of course development

Evonik Industries’ 200-day line (GD200) is currently at EUR 26.05. This gives the stock a “Sell” rating, as the share price itself ended up trading at EUR 20.21, thus building a gap of -22.42 percent. The ratio is different compared to the moving average price for the past 50 days. The GD50 has currently reached a level of EUR 22.82. This again corresponds to the current difference of -11.44 percent for the Evonik Industries share and thus a “sell” signal. The total result based on the two periods is therefore “Sell”.

The mood is clearly gloomy

Evonik Industries can also be monitored and evaluated over a longer period of time in terms of the number of contributions (intensity of discussion) and the speed of mood changes. This makes it possible to draw interesting conclusions about the long-term mood of recent months. Concretely, the share showed little activity. This indicates below-average discussion intensity and warrants a “Sell” rating. The rate of mood changes showed a negative change, which corresponds to a rating as a “sell” value. In the overall assessment, Evonik Industries is rated as “Sell” on this point.

Should Evonik Industries Investors Sell Immediately? Or is it worth getting started?

How will Evonik Industries develop now? Is an entry worth it, or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you should act now in the current Evonik Industries analysis.

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