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How does your own #cryptoming farm differ from #cryptominer hosting? With crypto miner hosting, is there an option to host your own mining? What is your own #MiningFarm anyway? Interesting questions that our customers find. You can find out what the specific differences are and what the pros and cons are in the following lines.

What is your own crypto mining farm?

Your own cryptomining farm consists of a #hall, or a #container, with countless #KryptoMiners, which run continuously and mine the selected currencies. The key point with your own mining is the cost. These are entirely up to the owner.

What is needed for your own mining operation?

You need your own #employees for setting up new units, #maintenance, #repairs, #cleaning, #daily #checks and #security.

If you want to start without help, you need a lot of time. A friendly advice: make a concrete plan, even if it is difficult and time-consuming. Without starting a sophisticated plan, you can learn a lot. Unfortunately we know what we are talking about because we just started years ago and there was no help or support at the time.

Therefore, we offer our customers the entire project planning including implementation. For only satisfied customers are happy to recommend us. Like any company, we naturally also live off positive recommendations.

Our tip: If planning your own mining farm becomes too much for you, you can buy a turnkey mining operation from us.


Necessary requirements

The location must be chosen carefully. The electricity price determines the profit on your farm, so choose a good location for your project, and the necessary large power connection should already be available or can be quickly retrofitted.

Another elementary point is website security. The location should not be in a war zone or in a more insecure country. Consider that there are significant commodity values ​​here that can be moved quickly. We therefore recommend 24/7 security in a safer country.

Furthermore, one of the most important points is the ventilation or cooling system, which should be installed from the start. Depending on the location, moisture, sand and/or dust exposure must also be taken into account.

What is crypto miner hosting?

This is easily explained because this is the most charming variant of your own mining.

You only buy the miners, preferably from your hoster, and then don’t have to worry about anything else. With #hosting, the #hoster takes care of all the setup and #security etc mentioned in the cryptomining farm.

You only rent the necessary hosting locations – so-called slots – for your miners.

But you have no power with the #electric connection, #building permits etc.

Can cryptominer hosting be used for whole farms?

Of course, you can also have a complete crypto mining farm hosted. Here you have the special advantage that you can set up your mining operation as you wish. For example, you can have your own camera system installed so you can inspect your mining operations around the clock and get your own VPN access. Electricity prices and hosting fees are also significantly cheaper with your own farm.

We have two variants. You can have your own camera systems and VPN access installed from 2 MW, but other customers will also be accommodated on the premises. It’s all called colocation.

From a size of 5 MW you get your own personal mining operation that we host for you.

The nice thing is that the bigger your investment, the less you pay. Especially with the electricity price, the bonus becomes very noticeable from the second full year.


Which variant is worth it for the individual depends on the investment and your own goals. We are happy to help you find your best way.

The easiest and fastest way is to use the services of a hoster. Your own devices will be up and running in no time at all, without you having to worry about any problems yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have a cryptominer set up by the hoster or a whole mining farm full of units. It is and will be the easiest way.

Depending on the size of the investment, we will find a suitable solution for you. We are a German company and operate worldwide according to German standards. Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. Convince yourself of us and get a free quote. You can reach us at:

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