Battle Infinity Presale Raises $1M: Demand for IBAT Remains High – Will the Course Explode?

In 2022, there will again be a large number of crypto presales, where the issuers of a new cryptocurrency raise capital to finance further development, intensify marketing or finance the official listing. But it is not always possible to raise enough capital to continue the success story. An idea in the crypto sector then fails before it even starts.

However, it is different with the new cryptocurrency Battle Infinity – a gaming platform that relies on Metaverse, NFTs and Play-2-Earn, among other things. In about two weeks of pre-sales, those responsible were able to raise capital of one million US dollars – the course towards a successful future is thus set.

Battle Infinity – The new Metaverse gaming sensation

  • Fantasy sports metaverse gaming
  • Token now in presale – 16500 Hard Cap
  • Passive income thanks to the play-to-earn approach
  • Runs on Unreal Engine
  • Checked and verified on CoinSniper

Battle Infinity logo

Battle Infinity Crypto Presale: Seven-Figure Fundraising

It took a little over a week to reach the targeted Battle Infinity presale soft cap. After about two weeks, those responsible reached the next milestone. For now, the capital raising is one million US dollars. After all, over 3900 BNB have already been exchanged for IBAT tokens, which at a current price of around 256.5 USD for a Binance Coin means over 1 million capital raised. USD.

IBAT Presale

Trending topic “Battle Infinity”

Since the presale, Battle Infinity has been one of the trending topics in the crypto market. Google Trends regularly shows an increase in inquiries about Battle Infinity. Recently, IBAT has developed strongly in the UK, but searches for Battle Infinity are also increasing in Germany. Already shortly after the pre-sale, Battle Infinity in India experienced strong increases in Google Trends – because a significant part of the team is from India. But the statistics of the global search volume over the past seven days also reveal a steady increase in interest.

Battle Infinity Crypto search volume

The six products in the Battle Infinity ecosystem

Battle Infinity is not just a blockchain game where players can compete against each other. The clear focus is on the gaming segment of the crypto market. Nevertheless, those responsible chose a diverse approach, initially referring to six different products in the ecosystem.

IBAT Premier League: The IBAT Premier League is the first decentralized fantasy sports league based on blockchain while using NFTs. Here, players can put together their own team and compete against other teams around the world. The gaming experience is uniquely designed through Metaverse elements.

IBAT Battle Swap: On IBAT Battle Swap, players can buy the IBAT token directly or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. IBAT Battle Swap is therefore your own DEX. Those responsible refer to this as the ecosystem’s bank.

IBAT Battle Games: The IBAT Battle Games product includes a platform where players can play various NFT games and earn rewards. At the same time, you can advantageously sell NFTs from the games in the game store on your own marketplace.

IBAT Battle Market: Large parts of the Battle Infinity platform are based on the IBAT Battle Market, our own NFT marketplace. Here, all assets are mapped as ERC721 tokens to ensure the assets’ uniqueness.

IBAT Battle Stakes: The Battle Infinity IBAT native token can be used to passively earn rewards in three different ways. Solo staking, duo staking and box staking.

IBAT Battle Arena: In the IBAT Battle Arena, named as one of the final milestones on the roadmap, players can compete against other games with a unique avatar. At the same time, you can upgrade the avatar with assets on the IBAT Battle Market.

Join the Battle Infinity Presale: These are the benefits

But why should you participate in the successful Battle Infinity presale now and not just wait for the official listing on PancakeSwap? There is a simple reason for this. Because the Battle Infinity lane could explode after the official listing at the first DEX.

You can currently get one IBAT token in the presale for around $0.0015, as the rate is 1 BNB to 166,666.66 IBAT tokens. Participating in the presale gives investors the advantage of being able to participate in the entire performance of a new cryptocurrency. BNB can be bought quickly and easily, loaded into the wallet and exchanged directly for IBAT via the specially set up platform.

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