Allianz share: Under these 2 conditions, I would invest 5,000 euros again

5,000 euros in alliance-Del (WKN: 840400) invest? Admittedly, I would increase the cluster risk with this participation in my portfolio. But I am convinced that the shares can be worth the risk in the long term. After all, the business model is pretty solid over the decades.

But another 5,000 euros invested in Allianz shares would be a high stake. Therefore, one or two conditions are needed. I have now fixed it for myself. Let’s see what it takes to do that.

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Allianz share: Around 150 euros or lower?!

First of all, the Allianz share should fall further in the first setting. Around the 150 euro mark I would buy again in such a great style. I am fundamentally convinced that the margin of safety is then high enough to become greedy when there is fear in the market.

But what would be the case? Allianz stock would be valued around this share price with a yield of over 7.2%. At the same time, the adjusted P/E would not even be 8. If the DAX insurance company were to return to this operational success, which I am confident, there would be a solid return. Even if we consider moderate growth potential through share buybacks or organically. In addition, the book value per share then be significantly above this price.

Ultimately, I would be interested in the return potential of the DAX insurance company over years and decades. And at a low valuation, it would make me buy more in a big way. After all, even moderate growth seems possible.

The share price remains the same, operations run smoothly, dividends rise sharply

Another setting where I would reinvest the €5,000 in Allianz shares would be a quick turnaround. For example, if management provides solid guidance, reaffirms mid-term guidance and soon provides a solid outlook for 2022, at current price levels it would also be time for a reassessment. Possibly even if the dividend per share were to rise sharply.

The Allianz share is not too expensive now either. At a share price of EUR 173, the dividend yield is over 6%. Additionally, adjusted price-earnings should be below 10. But special effects will likely be a burden. There is also some cyclical risk if the economy goes down.

However, if these concerns evaporate and a quick operational turnaround seems possible and the share price does not rise sharply, I will also consider investing 5,000 euros. How likely is this scenario? Let’s put it this way: I am currently speculating on the case of less than 150 euros per stock.

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Vincent owns shares in Allianz. The Motley Fool does not own any of the stocks listed.

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