Fafree’s KRE27.5 for under 900 euros in the test: The next E-MTB bargain from China

Fafree’s KRE27.5 is delivered to the buyer partially assembled in a large box. Before the first ride, the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, bell and headlight must be assembled. After tightening all the screws, you should also inflate the tires and adjust the disc brakes. Appropriate tools are included. We need about 45 minutes in total.

In terms of appearance, Fafree’s KRE27.5 is a real eye-catcher. It looks much more expensive than the price of 900 euros suggests. This is primarily due to the large tires and the combination with the slim frame and its successful paint job. The top bar of the frame is quite narrow, the battery sits discreetly in the lower part of the frame. The black finish is broken up by orange elements and a large print, also in orange. However, we think the lower part of the handlebar will take some getting used to because of its conical shape. There is a cat’s eye on each spoke on each wheel. This is white. It looks really nice. In Germany, however, the color yellow is prescribed. Mudguards are not included in the E-MTB.

The handlebars are sufficiently wide at 69 centimeters. The handlebars are rubberized, but a bit small, especially for large hands. The two brake levers for the front and rear disc brakes are comfortably firm and not too large. There is no throttle. The simple 7-speed Shimano gears are on the right. On the left, a very small LC display with control unit. The displayed speed can also be read well in direct sunlight. Hold down the power button for about a second to navigate through the average speed, maximum speed and total kilometers driven display.

The plus and minus buttons turn the headlight on and off, activate the push assist and determine the support level. As is so often the case with cheap e-bikes and pedelecs, the level of support limits the motor’s maximum speed.

If you press and hold the plus and minus buttons simultaneously, you will get to the sub-menu. There you can, among other things, increase the maximum speed from 25 to 40 kilometers per hour. But this option prevents Fafree’s KRE27.5 from being considered a pedelec in Germany.

The sensor on the crank detects the pedals relatively quickly and turns on the engine quickly. It turns itself off again just as quickly. Interestingly, the sensor detects whether the rider is pedaling slowly or quickly and adjusts the motor’s performance accordingly.

The 250-watt motor on the rear wheel isn’t one of the most powerful we’ve tested so far. The good 1100 euro E-MTB Decathlon E-ST 100 (test report) does more here. However, he easily manages to accelerate the 80-kilogram test driver to 25 kilometers per hour. However, it quickly reaches its limits on climbs. If the slope is too steep, even the gear change will not help, because the first gear will not go down far enough. The highest gear is just enough to keep pedaling at 25 kilometers per hour.

The ergonomics of Fafree’s KRE27.5 are surprisingly good. The saddle can be extended for riders with a maximum height of around 190 centimeters. However, the saddle itself is too narrow and too hard. If you plan longer trips with the e-mountain bike, you should get a replacement.

Fafree’s KRE27.5 cut a fine figure on our test ride over a demanding forest path with tight curves and lots of roots. This is due to the frame geometry, the grip on 27.5 inch tires, the relatively direct engine support and the acceptable suspension fork on the front wheel. However, this is set to soft by default. The hardness can be adjusted with a suitable damper pump. It is also possible to fix the suspension fork.

The steering unit with front wheels takes some getting used to. On the one hand, it wobbles a bit even when the screws are tightened. On the other hand, it seems less agile than other eMTBs. However, you quickly get used to it.

The battery is stylishly integrated into the lower frame tube. At 36 volts, it provides a capacity of 360 watt-hours. According to the manufacturer, this is enough for a maximum range of 150 kilometers. Although many factors such as rider weight, temperature, surface, incline, speed and more play a decisive role in the actual range, we consider this figure to be grossly exaggerated. With a rider weight of 80 kilograms and mixed use in an urban environment, we calculate a maximum range of 50 kilometers.

The battery can be easily removed from the frame using the included key, so it can be charged at home while the bike is in the basement. The included power adapter needs about four hours for a full charge.

Fafree’s KRE27.5 normally costs 900 euros from many retailers. If you order from Geekmaxi (purchase link), you get it with the coupon code 4KQP3C66 for 887 euros. Ships from European warehouses at no extra shipping cost. An extra battery costs about 300 euros.

At the asking price of 900 euros, Fafree’s KRE27.5 offers a lot. We especially like the sleek look and the good ergonomics when driving. The motor’s electronics also work better than on many other e-mountain bikes in this price category. The large tires with their deep profile are great off the beaten track.

If you want to drive on German roads, you’d better look for a different model. Because the maximum permitted speed of 25 kilometers per hour for pedelecs can be increased very easily on the trip computer. Already now the option is not allowed.

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