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Plenty of daylight in the house, comfort in all rooms and a drastically reduced energy requirement are just three of the many optimizations that the new ETICS Capatect DESIGN PUR entails. The new facade cladding is based on a high-performance polyurethane insulation board and is also approved by the building authorities for the first time with hard coverings of natural stone or fine stoneware. From the start of sales, more than 40 attractive design variants complement the already wide range of design options that Caparol offers discerning customers.

“Our new ETICS is truly spectacular; This applies both to its physical properties and the wide range of design possibilities. With Capatect DESIGN PUR, you can equip virtually any house with a dream facade,” says marketing manager Daniel Bralic enthusiastically.

Maximum design variation

With the new facade system, Caparol primarily wants to reach customers from the housing industry, planning and architectural offices as well as large-scale manufacturers. The ETICS experts came up with a number of ideas for this: In addition to the most effective insulation possible, the focus of the development work was on the appearance of the insulated house. “The challenge was to combine our Capatect PUR high-performance insulation board with new cladding materials. The trend in facade construction is currently towards marble, granite and other types of natural stone. Therefore, we have paid particular attention to the topic of design freedom – and I think the result is more than impressive: 44 new design variants expand the previously considerable range of design possibilities, even combinations of hard coatings with plaster are possible,” continues Daniel Bralic.

New MODERNLOOK clinker

With ceramic facade coatings, expressive designs can be realized on Capatect PUR high-performance insulation boards, which vary from matt to glossy depending on the coating used. The building structure is permanently protected by clinker bricks or ceramic tiles that can withstand high mechanical loads. The attractive appearance also increases the commercial value of the building. Depending on the ceramic, formats up to 0.12 m² (e.g. 30 x 40 cm) are possible.

New porcelain stoneware collections

With PURE, STONE and METAL, Caparol is launching three new porcelain stoneware collections. The extremely strongly pressed and then fired mixture of the finest clay and other mineral materials impresses the facade with authentic surfaces that are mistakenly reminiscent of real natural stone. Formats up to 0.12 m² (eg 30 x 40 cm) are available.

Insulates very effectively

The new facade cladding from Ober-Ramstadt has exemplary physical properties and reliably protects against cold, summer heat, moisture, driving rain and noise. The building authority-approved ETICS is based on a high-performance insulation board made of rigid polyurethane foam according to DIN EN 13165, the thickness of which can be between 60 mm (for hard coatings) and 300 mm (for plaster). The nominal value of the thermal conductivity is between 0.026 – 0.024 W/(mK) depending on the thickness.

On the entire surface

The highlight: the PUR insulation board can be attached to the facade as well as to the substrate where there is a risk of splashing water. This creates an outer wall that is homogeneously insulated over the entire surface. The panel is manufactured to specification by Caparol in Germany and is available in the format 1000 mm wide x 500 mm high.

30 percent slimmer

With the new heat-insulating composite system, Caparol is launching a facade system that sets standards in terms of both physics and design. “Capatect DESIGN PUR fulfills the desire for modern insulated and at the same time light-filled apartments par excellence. This is mainly due to the extra slim Capatect PUR insulation board, which with a thickness of only 12 cm has the same insulation performance as an 18 cm thick mineral wool board of the thermal conductivity group WLG 035 and therefore with right is considered a high-performance insulation board,” explains Caparol Marketing Manager Daniel Bralic.

Measurably more space

For architectural and planning offices as well as for the housing industry, insulation with the relatively slim Capatect PUR high-performance board is of particular interest, as an overall more compact wall structure in a new building also means a measurable gain in space: “If the facade cross-section becomes slimmer due to the thinner insulating board, then you win, we add usable living space. People often build as close as possible to the neighboring property, especially in urban areas; Here, a slimmer wall structure helps, as it means that the rooms or the floor plans of the apartment can be planned larger from the start”, emphasizes Daniel Bralic a great advantage of the new Caparol ETICS It is therefore not surprising that Capatect DESIGN PUR enjoys great attention right from the start of the market launch in the housing industry.

All in all: clear recommendation

The new ETICS Capatect DESIGN PUR proves to be a guide to the future for insulation of external walls of masonry and concrete. After application, the energy balance is significantly better, apartments can be planned larger and the design freedom on the facade knows almost no limits. In addition, enough light enters the house, so that staying in insulated apartments is perceived as comfortable and pleasant. In addition, the new ETICS Capatect DESIGN PUR is suitable both for new building projects and for the energetic and optical modernization of existing buildings. Further information can be found at
Achim Dathe, construction journalist

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