Therme in Bad Saarow wants to ban children – now there is trouble in the community

In the thermal baths at Kurpark in Bad Saarow it should be quieter in the future.

On a regular basis, a facility that wants to serve relaxation or enjoyment comes up with the idea that it would be better if children were not present. Restaurants, thermal baths and other facilities such as hotels prohibit children. This means that adults are only when the adults are with each other. Also in Bad Saarow, a thermal bath wants to offer two child-free days in the future. The customer base in the spa town may even be excited. However, it is not always parents.

“Since the information has been circulating, Bad Saarow Kur GmbH has received calls and critical emails on the subject,” writes MOZ. Even outside the door, the child-free days made people shake their heads. “Children are our future, it’s up to their upbringing if they do not behave properly,” Christian Drechsel told the newspaper. “Then the parents may have to be shut out,” he states crookedly.

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Now the decision arouses controversy: Mayor Axel Hylla (left) considers the decision wrong after his previous assessment and said he could understand the indignant reactions. The chairman of the board of Bad Saarow Kur GmbH, Bernd Gestewitz, told dpa on Thursday that nothing would be taken back. The thermal bath is a health facility and not a fun pool.

Therme Bad Saarow: Canoeing without children Friday and Saturday

From September onwards, only visitors over the age of 16 will have access to the thermal baths in the Oder-Spree district on Friday and Saturday. This is also announced on their own website. The Adults only Friday and Saturday entrance can be found in the section on opening hours. For families, on the other hand, there is a separate family rate. This has been in effect since April and gives families a lower rate on Mondays and Tuesdays outside of the school holidays.

Children should rather take a bath in Fürstenwalde

The chairman of the supervisory board, Gestewitz, said he was behind the decision. The thermal baths are not aimed at children. A children’s area has been transformed into a relaxation area. He also referred to a swimming pool in Fürstenwalde not far away, which is better suited as a fun pool with slide for children. There in the sports and leisure pool in Fürstenwalde, the idea is well received: “I think this decision will have positive consequences for the thermal baths and for Schwapp,” says swimming master Bodo Schrobitz in MOZ. “In a thermal bath, as the name suggests, you have to recover, there must be peace and relaxation there.” The Schwapp, on the other hand, is designed directly for frolicking children. “And with kids in the water, there’s always the screaming,” he says.

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The thermal baths in the spa town of Bad Saarow – also known as a place of relaxation beyond Brandenburg – advertise on the Internet with its thermal brine and a wellness and health experience. A written statement from the company stated, among other things: “Tranquility and relaxation are paramount, a goal that is not always compatible with the interests of families with children. Especially on weekends, the thermal baths are more and more reminiscent of a fun pool.” There have also been complaints from visitors about noise and unrest.The company described the child-free days as a “compromise solution.” Baby swimming and seahorse courses will also continue to be offered on other days.

Anti-child society? Pensionerparadis Bad Saarow

Bad Saarow’s honorary mayor Hylla, on the other hand, said that these child-free days did not suit Bad Saarow. The image of a child-hostile society should not be created. In addition, the thermal baths always have the opportunity to exercise their housing rights in case of violations of the rules. According to Hylla, the decision on two child-free days must now be considered by the municipal council.

The same place is already the Hotel Esplanade Resort & Spa, which is also only for adults.

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