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Unique, noble and extraordinary: With the innovative design proposal, the designer and manufacturer of high-quality bathroom fixtures Jörger presents his exclusive collection “Empire Royal Crystal” in a safe and tasteful way. You can marvel at a work of art of pure grace, understated luxury and subtle sensuality.

“Luxury & Avantgarde” is the name of one of the four worlds of style and experience that Jörger Design offers and thus meets the preferences and tastes of different cultures around the world. The new bathroom design with “Empire Royal Crystal” in matt nickel and matt black crystal handles represents this design style without a doubt. However, the new creation represents a clear commitment to noble, modern bathroom aesthetics that interpret luxury in a creative and contemporary way.

“Empire Royal Crystal” – Reduced design meets crystal decor

The pyramid shape was the inspiration for the characteristic design of “Empire Royal Crystal” by Oliver Jörger. The handles made of high quality cut crystals are trademarks of the collection. They unfold their particularly decorative effect in the exciting interplay with the purist, reduced luminaire design, especially with the aesthetically shaped cock spout. Unmistakable is the graceful, broad bow that emerges from a square rosette. All in all, a picture of unique grace. Depending on the choice and combination of surface and color of the crystals, the expression and appearance of the appropriate design changes.

Empire Royal Crystal in matt nickel with matt black crystal handle

It is no coincidence that the creative team from Jörger added matte black to the range as a new color for the elegant crystal handles not so long ago: Black is a mega trend in the bathroom and an absolute eye-catcher, especially in a matte finish. The “Empire Royal Crystal” crystal handles look particularly elegant in the trend color and create the effect of purist luxury and great elegance.

Especially in combination with the chosen surface: “Empire Royal Crystal” shines elegantly in matte nickel. The innovative surface has an exclusive look. Its precious, matte tone is a delight to the eye.

Together they simply look beautiful and give the purist elegance of “Empire Royal Crystal” the subtle, luxurious expression, as well as chic and a special charm.

The overall impression

Noble! This is how the overall impression can be summed up. The design of the luminaire is noble, its lines and shapes, the matte glittering surfaces, the color combinations and the consistently very high quality material in the bathroom luminaires in general. The bright, light metallic glittering wall design gives a touch of “modern glamor”.

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About Jørgen

Jörger is a German designer and manufacturer of high quality bathroom fixtures and accessories – since 1909.

Tradition and innovation since 1909. JÖRGER beslag- og tilbehørsfabrikken GmbH, based in Mannheim, was founded in 1909. Oliver Jörger is the fourth generation to lead the international family business. As a designer, he has been personally responsible for Jörger Design for over 20 years.

Design and manufacture. Excellent design and high quality, handmade production in Germany characterize the company’s standard of values.

Aesthetics in the bathroom. As a manufacturer of exquisite bathroom fixtures and accessories, Jörger creates overall concepts. Jörger collections are a complete work of art with fittings and accessories for sinks, showers, toilets / bidets and bathtubs.

design worlds. The program includes very different worlds of style and experience: “modern and minimalist”, “classic and elegant”, “luxury and avant-garde” and “romantic and nostalgic”. In this way, the design factory meets the preferences and tastes of different cultures around the world.

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