North Sea boarding school: “The learning home” for children from 5th grade

North Sea Boarding School Peter-Ording

St. Peter-Ording (ots)

The family’s North Sea Boarding School in Sankt Peter-Ording offers children from 5th grade good learning opportunities with qualifications in all types of schools. Less than a block from the North Sea beach, the children and young people at the boarding school enjoy a concept of “learning and living” and “learning at home”. This means that, in contrast to other implementation options, there is a conscious independence of school and boarding school in the North Sea Boarding School.

With this proven boarding school concept, a particularly trusting but also independent relationship between teachers and boarding school students can be developed. Because school and residence are separate areas, everyday life is similar without boarding school. “Learning to learn” and “Learning to live” go hand in hand.

In school, the focus is on imparting knowledge in small classes with the aim of obtaining the desired qualification: high school diploma, university qualification, middle school diploma (MSA) or simple school diploma (ESA). The concept of the North Sea School is something special because it enables students to make a smooth transition between primary and secondary school under the leadership of only one school leader. This has many benefits. So, for example, it is possible to do MSA or Abitur after you have obtained ESA.

The boarding school students learn together with children and young people from the area. In the afternoon, the teachers at the boarding school deepen the subject and help with the homework. The concept of the North Sea Food School and school education has proven to be successful.

98 percent of boarding school students achieve the desired qualification and every third switches to the next upper secondary school form.

The young people have a standard time of nine years to graduate from the comprehensive high school in Sankt Peter-Ording (G9 high school). In 2013, the North Sea School was named the most LRS-friendly school in Germany.

Students receive needs-specific, individual and school-related tutoring as part of the compulsory learning time in the afternoon. In boarding school life on the North Sea, the focus is on “learning to live”. Today, 107 students live in four guest houses, which are cared for around the clock. Life at the boarding school is characterized by joint projects and various leisure activities, but also normal everyday conditions. This is how strong personalities grow up at the North Sea Boarding School, which enters the world with reflection and openness.

The fantastically located North Sea Boarding School is only 15 minutes from the beach. It offers exceptional leisure activities, such as sand yachting, kite buggy riding, kitesurfing or horseback riding on the beach. Beach volleyball, tennis and mini golf are also offered on campus.

Due to the regulated routines in everyday life, such as regular meal times, the North Sea Boarding School Sankt Peter-Ording is especially recommended for children and young people with type 1 diabetes. The clear structure helps children and young people to better cope with this chronic disease. In this context, the exercise and sports facilities are helpful.

With the professional care of the diabetes team at the North Sea Boarding School in Sankt Peter-Ording, the young people achieve a marked improvement in their health. Many children and young people achieve better grades in school and an optimized quality of life within the framework of a strong boarding school community. Life at boarding school often increases quality time with family.

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