New Crypto ETN: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency via New Core Product Family ()

21Shares expands its range of crypto-ETNs with a tracker on Bitcoin via a new core product family.

July 21, 2022. FRANKFURT (Frankfurt Børs). A new crypto-ETN from 21Shares has been traded on Xetra and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since Wednesday.

The new Exchange Traded Note (ETN) from 21Shares allows investors to obtain a low-cost exposure to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. ETN is physically supported, allowing the issuer to borrow the underlying cryptocurrency to ensure low administration fees. All lending transactions are provided as collateral and are monitored daily. The issuer accepts USD / USDC and Ethereum as collateral for the lending transactions.

Last name asset class ARE YOU Administration fee cryptocurrency
21Shares Bitcoin Core ETP (CBTC) Crypto ETN 0.21 percent Bitcoin

The crypto-ETN segment now comprises 86 products from twelve providers for a total of 20 individual cryptocurrencies and seven crypto indices. All crypto-ETNs that can be traded on Xetra are physically secured and listed on the regulated market on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In addition, all crypto-ETNs on Xetra are cleared centrally by Eurex Clearing AG as Deutsche Börse Group’s central counterparty (CCP). Institutional investors in particular also benefit from the central clearing of significantly reduced risks in the processing of transactions.

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