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Whether it is in the day care institution, on the playground or for an excursion destination – parents are happy to take small children in a bicycle trailer, cargo bike or child bicycle seat. The safety of the child must always come first. CosmosDirekt, Generalis direct insurance company in Germany, provides tips on this.

Parents like to use their two-wheeled cars when traveling with young children. No wonder – it often saves time and is also good for the environment, your own fitness, but also for your wallet. Despite all the benefits, 47.2 percent of the population in Germany consider it dangerous to take children in a bicycle trailer, cargo bike or bicycle seat.[1] This was the result of a current Civey study commissioned by CosmosDirekt. Generalis direct insurance company in Germany knows what parents need to take care of to ensure a safe journey.


The Traffic Act (StVO) prescribes that only persons who have reached the age of 16 may transport children up to the age of no more than seven years by bicycle. However, the legislature does not prescribe a minimum age from which a child may be taken by bicycle. It is also stipulated that there must be special seats for children. There must be no risk of the child getting their feet pinched in the spokes of the wheel. To prevent this, parents can, for example, apply a suitable protective coating. For bicycle trailers, the following applies in particular: If the trailer is designed to transport children, a maximum of two children up to seven years of age may ride with it. When transporting a disabled child, the age limit does not apply.[1] There is no legal requirement to wear a bicycle helmet in Germany, not even for children. But no matter how the child is transported by bicycle, a helmet is an absolute must – for children and parents. For a suitable and well-fitting bicycle helmet can prevent serious head injuries in a fall.


The bike should also be checked regularly for road safety: Do the brakes and bike bell work properly? Are bicycles and bicycle trailers equipped with working bicycle lights and reflectors? For an even better signal effect, you can equip the bike trailer, cargo bike and Co. with flag or pennant. That way, you can be seen more quickly by other road users, especially in unmanageable traffic situations. If the children are sitting behind the parents in the child seat or in the bicycle trailer, a rearview mirror on the handlebars also helps to keep an eye on the children. In addition, the child must always be secured with a belt. If there is only one child riding in the bicycle trailer, it should preferably be in the middle or on the side facing away from the road, unless the manufacturer states otherwise.


If you take children in a bicycle trailer or cargo bike, you should make sure to ride carefully and foresight. It is best for parents to first practice riding the trailer or cargo bike without their children. For example, they can better assess driving behavior in relation to the turning circle or braking distance. The parking brake must be used so that the bicycle trailer or cargo bike does not become independent when getting in and out. Caution is also required on narrow traffic lanes: bicycle trailers and cargo bikes must not protrude into the street, as a passing vehicle may hit them. It is therefore best that parents plan in advance a route that is as safe as possible. This means that construction sites, unmanageable streets and highways should be avoided if possible. Side streets or trails with designated bike paths are safer. A bicycle trailer can only tip over in extreme conditions while driving, but you must not drive too fast and avoid driving over e.g. high curbs on one side.[3]


Despite all caution, an accident can always happen. Isolde Klein, insurance expert from CosmosDirekt, therefore advises: “Private accident insurance makes sense for anyone who bikes regularly because it applies to all areas of life. Statutory accident insurance only helps with accidents that happen on the direct route to and from work, school or university. Besides, private liability insurance is important. If you “For example, if you accidentally injure another person as a cyclist, you could quickly be sued. Appropriate insurance can then protect you from the financial consequences.”

[1] Population representative online survey conducted by Civey on behalf of CosmosDirekt, Generalis direct insurance company in Germany. In June 2022, 2,501 people aged 18 and over were surveyed in Germany. The error tolerance for the determined results is +/- 3.5 percentage points.

[2] Source: Road Traffic Ordinance (StVO) § 21 passenger transport (3):

[3] Source: General German Bicycle Club e. V. (ADFC) Fahrradanhaenger


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