Best NFTs: Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club Edition coming – why, where and how to buy?

Lucky Block is a new cryptocurrency with potential. The crypto lottery has reached a market value of $ 1 trillion in just three weeks. Lucky Block holds the record ahead of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu and Co. Anyone who had invested € 5,000 in Lucky Block on the PancakeSwap listing would have LBLOCK worth over € 100,000 today.

There is now the next exciting investment opportunity for crypto fans. Because the NFT collection “The Platinum Rollers Club”, limited to 10,000 NFTs, will soon be available on the new Marketplace NFT Launchpad. Preparations are currently in full swing. If you do not want to miss anything and want to seize the opportunity, you should definitely join the Lucky Block Telegram group.

Lucky Block NFT: Will Lucky Block’s brilliant success be repeated?

It is not unlikely that the success of the LBLOCK coin will be repeated with the launch of Lucky Block’s first NFT collection. LBLOCK holders have been able to increase their engagement 70 times from the start! Because the presale price was $ 0.00015. There was a performance of around 6500% to the highest level of $ 0.01 three weeks later. Even after the significant profit over the past few weeks, there was a performance of around 3366% on March 9th. The success is remarkable!

If the Lucky Block NFT collection experiences the same buying pressure as LBLOCK, it can result in high profits. Let’s take a quick look at the starting position.

At the top, Lucky Block traded about 6500% higher than the pre-sale. The launch price for the NFTs is US $ 1500. If there is a comparable rally, an NFT would be worth 100,000 euros after about three weeks.

What is a Lucky Block NFT?

The new Lucky Block NFT collection is strictly limited to 10,000 pieces. Lucky Block NFT is an mp4 video with a rotating image of a platinum card. There is an individual number on it that indicates the specific piece of the NFT collection.

Best NFTs: There is more benefit to Lucky Block!

There is no doubt that NFTs are trending. But many non-fungible tokens do not create any benefit. The situation is different with the new NFT collection from Lucky Block. Each NFT owner gets lifetime access to the NFT lottery. The daily draws are expected to be worth around $ 10,000. The chance of winning is 1: 10,000 due to the limited number of items. 25 rare NFTs ensure that the jackpot is doubled when your own number is drawn.

There is also another chance of winning for the NFT owners at Lucky Block. For they can win a Lamborghini Aventador worth over £ 270,000. After all 10,000 NFTs have been sold, the winner is drawn – again there is a 1: 10,000 chance of winning. Only very few competitions can keep up with this.

Strong marketing campaign by Lucky Block

The new Lucky Block NFT collection will also benefit from Lucky Block’s professional marketing. The growing interest should disproportionately benefit the buyers of the first hour. Lucky Block NFTs have been featured in various national and international media. Lucky Block Lottery, for example, has already been discussed in CNBC, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance and many other financial magazines. The strong brand will now benefit the NFT collection. There are also marketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Google Adwords, TikTok and Co.

Famous supporters of Lucky Block

The Lucky Block project was able to gain several followers in the first few weeks. Those responsible for the project point out that additional partnerships will follow once the contracts are signed. However, there is already a preview of the influencers who will support Lucky Block’s NFT collection. With their huge reach, the demand for NFTs can explode and prices can rise as a result.

Jason Stone: Well-known crypto-influencer

Crypto-influencer Jason Stone, who is behind the Millionaire Mentor project and has over nine million followers on Instagram alone, will support the Lucky Block NFTs. At the same time, he wants to buy a Lucky Block NFT himself. In his Instagram story on March 8, Jason Stone announced the following:

I can not wait for the NFT launch. I want to be a high roller and snatch an NFT. Let’s go!

Influencer Shehnaazgill

With Shehnaazgill, the Lucky Block Team was also able to win a well-known influencer from Asia. Over eleven million people follow her on Instagram alone. As a result, it will appeal to a massive number of potential NFT buyers.


Wolf of Wall Street

Another notable supporter of the Lucky Block Team is Jordan Belfort – better known as The Wolf of Wall Street. Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder and strategic advisor Jamie Fennell recently met with Jordan Belfort and talked about Lucky Block. In the coming weeks, the partnership with the financial influencer will be further deepened. This could benefit both Lucky Block Coin and Lucky Block NFTs.

Wolf of Wall Street Lucky Block

Buy Lucky Block NFTs: How to get WBNB?

To buy Lucky Block NFTs, crypto fans need Wrapped BNB (WBNB) as the collection is built on Binance Smart Chain. WBNB is available to buyers on most centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. The NFTs cost $ 1500, so buyers should spend about $ 3.78 WBNB using the March 9 exchange rate.

How and when can I buy the NFTs?

The launch of the NFT Launchpad was to take place soon. This is a new NFT marketplace selected for the Platinum Rollers Collection. NFT Launchpad will promote Lucky Block as one of the best NFT collections and increase visibility. The interface is comparable to the Open Sea and offers other benefits. NFT Launchpad supports two blockchain networks: Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. With a crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet, buying the Lucky Block NFTs is not a problem.

The launch of the Lucky Block collection should follow over the next few days. Lucky Blocks Telegram channel is the preferred tool for new information. At best, the LBLOCK holders join the Telegram group today and will not miss anything for the next few days!

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