The shell of the Porsche Design Tower is complete: views from the tallest building in Stuttgart – Stuttgart

The Porsche Design Tower rises 25 floors above the Pragsattel. Halfway up the landing on the right, a restaurant with a terrace awaits visitors in the future. Photo: Lichtgut / Leif Piechowski

The new leader among Stuttgart’s tallest buildings, the Porsche Design Tower on Pragsattel, measures 91 meters. The nearby Porsche Center opens in summer. There is also a bar, a hotel, offices and a spectacular restaurant terrace.

Stuttgart – The head must be thrown far back to look all the way up. The Porsche Design Tower on Stuttgart’s Pragsattel is 91 meters high, making it the new tallest building in the state capital. From a distance, the staggered building appears elegant, almost filigree. The goals first become apparent right at his feet. “We are building 12,500 cubic meters of concrete and 2,500 tonnes of steel over 25 floors,” says Selcuk Ulu, CEO of Bülow AG in Stuttgart, which is realizing the building together with Porsche and the lifestyle brand Porsche Design.

However, the view from above is even more impressive. On the roof, visitors have the city and the entire surrounding area at their feet. From Remstal over Neckar, the city center, Killesberg and Feuerbach, the view sweeps far to the north. Just below you can admire the Pragsattel, Theaterhaus and Friedrichsbau-Varieté from a bird’s eye view. In future, there will be a facade cleaning plant up here.

Silver lining against birds and packed baths

The shell of the tower has already been completed just 14 months after the laying of the foundation stone. “So far, we have not had any significant problems, either from Corona or lack of material,” says Ulu. Leveling layers and plaster construction have begun, and the windows are already being installed on the lower floors. And very special. To avoid bird attacks on the glazed facade, the builders, together with the Office for Environmental Protection and the Vienna Ornithological Institute, spent a year and a half researching and developing windows with silver cladding.

The building is not to become a soulless office tower. “There will be real life in the tower,” says Ulu. There will be a bar downstairs, and on the tenth floor there will be a large restaurant with terrace, which will probably be one of the most spectacular gastronomic places in the city in the future. Porsche itself is moving into the eight lower floors with Porsche Consulting GmbH. The management consultancy will in future have its headquarters here. The hotel chain Radisson Blu moves into floors 9 to 23 and operates 168 rooms. There is already a foretaste: The future bathrooms are already on the floors, each in one piece and nicely packed. They are later only moved to their positions and connected – a technique that comes from shipbuilding. Two stairways and overpressure system against smoke must ensure safety. All this must be in operation by Christmas 2023.

Workshop with views from the outside

It is much faster in the low building connected below. The Porsche Center from Zuffenhausen will move there this summer. Of course, this has nothing to do with a simple car dealer. A world of fire experience must be created under the title “Destination Porsche”. “This includes an exhibition on an area of ​​1,500 square meters, where 28 vehicles are lined up on a race line as in a car race,” explains project manager Jochen Roth. There will also be design products. The workshop has been significantly expanded by 3,500 square meters. It is even possible to see in from the outside: the work can be observed through a glass window from Heilbronner Strasse.

Then it is also worth taking a look down into the first basement. The top is already impressive.

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