The importance of the 12 houses in your horoscope

1. House: Personality and Appearance

The first house is also called the ascendant. It symbolizes a person’s personality and appearance. How you present yourself and how other people perceive you, determined by the first house. This applies not only to your character traits but also to your outward appearance. This can go so far that professional astrologers can determine which zodiac sign your ascendant is based on your appearance. So the first house is your mask or conscious self.

Dominant zodiac sign: Aries

2nd house: property and value

The second house shows how to look at possessions and wealth. The house indicates how much and what you own and what you value when buying it. So basically it decides your relationship to possessions and wealth. The second house contains both tangible and intangible assets in your life. It’s about the question: Why do you want what you want? In addition to material things (money), it also stands for your self-esteem.

Dominant zodiac sign: bull

3rd house: communication and interests

The third house is about your communication with the world and other people. How do you process your thoughts and ideas and then share them? It indicates how to treat your fellow human beings and is crucial to your interpersonal relationships. For example, if a planet is moving through your third house, it could be that you have a special need to share yourself, or that you are finding out something exciting about one of your fellow human beings.

Dominant zodiac sign: Gemini

4th house: foundation and family

Your homeland, origins, ancestors and family are gathered in the fourth house of astrology. It determines where you feel at home and safe. What does home mean to you? As a planet moves through your fourth house, you may be more preoccupied with your roots or longing for more security and care from other people in your life.

Dominant zodiac sign: Cancer

5th house: creativity and joy

Joie de vivre, fun, art, culture, creativity – they determine the fifth house in astrology. The house reveals your inner child. It will dance, sing and have the wildest ideas. This is about the self-expression, the natural creativity that emanates from you and the feeling of freedom. Sensuality and sex are also part of the 5th house.

Dominant zodiac sign: Lion

6th house: Health and everyday life

Your daily routines are rooted in the 6th house. How do you present yourself to the world physically? How organized are you in your everyday life? What do you do every day for yourself and your well-being? If there are planets in your sixth house, you are especially organized, energetic, hardworking and value your health and well-being.

Dominant zodiac sign: Virgo

7th house: relationship and partnership

The seventh house is the opposite of the first house, the ascendant. It is also called descendant and deals with your relationships and partnerships with other people. While the Ascendant is your own mask, the Descendant is the mirror or projection that shows the people you are attracted to. What do you expect from people around you? So it’s about your attraction and your desire. Love, dating, relationships, passion, friendships, family relationships … For example, planets in the 7th house can change the way you interact with others.

Dominant zodiac sign: Weight

8th house: taboos and transformation

Social taboos are found in the eighth house. The big milestones like Intimacy and sex, but also death, loss, suffering and rebirth is anchored in the eighth house. If you wander planets through your 8th house, you could end up with a loss or reinvent yourself.

Dominant zodiac sign: Scorpio

9th house: growth and happiness

The ninth house is the house of adventure. It shows the areas you push yourself beyond your limits and let yourself grow. Travel, inspiration, philosophy … your individual path to happiness. If this house is of great importance in your horoscope, a great journey may be imminent – literally or metaphorically. You may feel like walking or have the urge to embark on a new path. Maybe a new job or a new place to live?

Dominant zodiac sign: Protect

10th house: business and vocation

You can learn more about your career and your calling in the tenth house. That represents your social status and your image, that is, how you are perceived by others at first glance. For example, if a planet is moving through your 12th house, a promotion may be necessary. The tenth house is also the center of the so-called heaven and is at the top of the map.

Dominant zodiac sign: Capricorn

11th house: friends and company

The Eleventh House rules over your friendships, teams, networks and social communities. But it also stands for hopes, desires and longings, as you have. If the planets move into your eleventh house, they may be very present with you at the moment.

Dominant zodiac sign: Aquarius

12th house: Spirituality and intuition

The house of inner truth and the subconscious is the last house, the twelfth. It reflects what is dormant in you. Your subconscious thoughts and fears find a home here. You sink completely into your world when planets are in your 12th house and you can trust your intuition. Pay close attention to connecting with your subconscious and your spirituality.

Dominant zodiac sign: Fish

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