Successful through the bear market with the right tools

Bitget, one of the leading cryptocurrency derivatives platforms in the market, offers the right tools and gadgets to profit in all phases of the market. Especially in the current market phase, it is important to have the right tools and the right knowledge at hand to create profits even in a bear market.

There is currently little to shoot for: the miserable global economic situation has also hit the crypto market hard. Bitcoin has fallen from its record high of over $ 69,000 in November last year to below $ 18,000 on June 17, 2022. Altcoins were also hit hard, the Terra Luna debacle still blows many investors by the neck.

Profit with Bitget even in the bear market

However, if you bet on falling prices with futures in such market phases, you can make significant profits. This is where the cryptocurrency derivative platform Bitget has a unique feature up its sleeve: futures with a currency margin.

Unlike other futures products, which are only designed for similar coins, coin-margined futures offer the option of also depositing the margin in other cryptocurrencies. This means that traders do not have to limit themselves so much when trading in crypto and can increase their chances of winning.

Copytrading: Act like the professionals at the click of a mouse

Another, absolutely more convenient way to navigate safely through the bear market is copy trading. Here, users simply copy the strategies of successful traders and can thus increase their chances of profit significantly. Here, Bitget has introduced an innovative feature that is second to none in the market: the one-click copying feature.

Users can choose from over 12,000 professional traders and simply copy the most promising strategies with one click. The numbers speak for themselves: The professional Bitget traders already have over 380,000 followers. While the professionals cashed in over $ 100 million in profits, the total profit for the consequences is over $ 120 million.

Bitget users therefore have the option to follow elite traders and have certain transactions performed automatically. This way, you can automatically make money without having to worry about falling for scammers. Bear market or not!

Social trading: Just follow the professionals

Social commerce is also part of Bitget’s comprehensive product portfolio. Social trading allows people to interact with and observe other traders. You can also follow the strategies of the professionals and implement them yourself. Social trading also maximizes your trading potential – with a little help from a more experienced one. With One-Click Copy Trade, the stock market has built a social trading pattern into the core of Bitget, where followers and traders can interact without limits and pave their own connected path to economic freedom.

Leverage for larger profits

In addition, many trades on Bitget can be exploited. This increases the chances of winning further. For example, if you use 125x leverage, you can increase your chances by a factor of 125.

The best thing about it: Users do not have to deposit the full amount they utilize. Rather, even a fraction like the margin is completely sufficient.

Conclusion: Bitget – a stock market worth investing in

Bitget is not considered the fastest growing cryptocurrency derivative platform for traders in the crypto market for nothing. Total trading volume in derivatives reached a record high of $ 8.69 billion earlier in the year, an increase of 300 percent year-on-year.

With one-click copy or coin margin futures, the platform clearly surpasses the competition. With a stable and secure trading system, 24/7 customer support and over two million users worldwide, it lays the foundation for successful trading. This allows everyone to increase their chances of successful trades and returns in each market phase. We think: This platform is worth another click.

Want to be part of the Bitget community and use the tools to safely navigate the Bitcoin bear market? This way!

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