Harald Glööckler on home visit to Stuttgart: “Big thinking has nothing to do with greatness madness” – Stuttgart

He is terminally ill, has constant pain, writes the tabloid media. “It’s not true,” says Harald Glööckler of Stuttgart, “I’m fine.” We talked to the designer about his public life and how his old homeland affects him today.

When Harald Glööckler walks through his old hometown of Stuttgart, he does not get far because he is constantly stopped and asked for selfies. Among other things, an elderly man comes up to him as he strolls through the city, and almost confidently confides in him: “I’m gay too.” The fashion designer does not look very interested in him. “So what?” asks the 57-year-old, “we live in a time where sexual orientation should no longer be a problem at all, because everyone is allowed to be who they are”.

Since early youth, Glööckler has been committed to ensuring that no one should pretend. Of course not even those that do not fit into the classic man-woman pattern. Some believe that the fashion designer is a role model for a free, colorful life. We sit on the terrace of Ristorante La Commedia in the hospital district. Landlord Luigi Aracri tells how he “with Harald” walked around the houses in Stuttgart 30 years ago, how they celebrated in his former Fellini restaurant with Gina Lollobrigida after the Pompöös fashion show in the old riding hall. Glööckler takes off his sunglasses and looks the Commedia boss in the eye. “You didn’t want to sleep with me,” he says, smiling. It sounds as if the sentence continues with: “And what does it look like today?” One should not take everything that is said on this beautiful summer evening seriously. There is a lot of laughter.

Mister Pompöös traveled to Stuttgart for two days because RTL is currently recording a documentary about him, which is broadcast daily on the program “RTL Punkt 12”. Since the “jungle camp” he has again been a big hit for the media. With the RTL writer, he is constantly arguing, hanging out more with the diva than he really is. “Why do you always want to hear everything from my past?” Glööckler complains: “I live in the present and for the future – not in the past.”

His past includes Sebastian Weingarten, the director of the Renitenztheater, who also attends the meeting at La Commedia. The director remembers going to the Pompöös shop after or before performances in the 1990s, which were only a few meters from where the cabaret stage was then. Harald Glööckler once equipped a theater performance with costumes. The RTL journalist asks if the designer used to look like this. Not quite, the answer sounds. The longer you sit next to him, the longer he utters witty things, often quick-witted, the less noticeable are the oversized lips or the multi-operated face.

“Great thinking has nothing to do with megalomania”

Weingarten took him to the nearby Renitenztheater to show him the old costumes he has kept to this day. “How much did the jacket cost then?” asks the TV man – and hits a sore spot. “It’s not about price,” Harald Glööckler replies angrily, “it’s about value, and value has nothing to do with money.”

Another question from the RTL journalist to Glööckler’s old friends is whether the designer was previously “melomanier”. The fashion designer himself replies: “Thinking big has nothing to do with megalomania.”

What Harald Glööckler says about fibromyalgia

Back at the La Commedia table, where his old friend Laura Halding-Hoppenheit sits, he disinfects his hands with a bottle he takes out of his pocket. He does not want to have Corona on his home visit. His physical condition has been a topic in the tabloid media for days. “They all copy the wrong from each other,” he says. No, he should not swallow painkillers every day as it can be read. “I’m fine,” assures the relaxed Glööckler. But like Lady Gaga, he has fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. Luckily for him, it was not as pronounced as he had to read over and over again recently, but rather a mild form.

For his visit to Stuttgart, he stayed at the Hotel Maritim. An employee at the Stuttgart hostel told him he knew Harald Glööckler but did not see him as a star. To him, stars are musicians, but not designers. “It’s different in France or Italy,” the 57-year-old says. Maybe that’s why he left Stuttgart at some point, because fashion designers do not count for anything here.

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