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The NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) are immutable, unique digital works of art that have become more and more popular in recent weeks and months. Some NFTs have already generated millions. However, some media are increasingly warning of NFT fraud. Do you still want to buy NFTs? You can easily and safely buy NFTs on these 4 platforms in 2022.

What is special about NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs for short) have been on everyone’s lips for a few months and are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, they have recently created quite a bit of controversy. Many reports talk about scams involving NFTs. However, you must first understand the topic of NFTs in order to form an opinion about them.

A non-fungible token is a cryptographic value on the blockchain that is unique and non-exchangeable. Fungible tokens, on the other hand, can be exchanged for a similar item. NFTs are, so to speak, an individual “work of art” on the blockchain, the value of which cannot be measured objectively. Due to the uniqueness, buyers pay extremely high prices for certain NFT artworks. So NFTs are digital works of art. The art market was revolutionized by the NFTs last year. NFTs make art market auctions much more inclusive. Anyone with internet access can participate.

Such a development with few barriers to entry and rapid growth certainly also attracts fraudsters. However, one should not condemn the NFTs in general. Especially in established marketplaces, you are very safe from fraud.

How safe is it to buy NFTs in 2022?

We have already touched on the topic of safety in the previous sections. In 2022, you need to be careful if you want to buy NFTs. However, the major NFT exchanges offer a high level of security. They are established platforms with millions of users and have been on the market for several years.

Crypto scams

With lesser known platforms such as small exchanges or private auctions, you should be very careful and inform yourself well. There are several types of NFT scams:

  • Rye pull scam: A hype about an NFT project is being built up by the developers. After some time, they leave the project. The price of NFT goes to zero. The scammers disappear with the buyers’ invested money. Do not go to marketplaces that are unknown or have no reputation!
  • Phishing scams: Scammers ask for your private keys so you can buy NFT. Of course, you should never give private keys to other people.
  • Bid fraud: Here the seller of NFT suddenly changes currency to bid on NFT. Always check the correct currency when bidding!

With a little common sense, you should be able to avoid these NFT scams.

Where can you buy 2022 NFTs safely?

NFTs are offered by various platforms and also by individuals. You need to be wary of offers from private individuals. Buying NFTs in 2022 is now very safe on established platforms.

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is probably the most well-known NFT platform. On OpenSea you can create, buy and sell NFTs. OpenSea has been around since 2017 and is considered the first NFT trading platform. There you will find a large number of different NFT collections. You can purchase the NFTs on OpenSea if you connect an Ethereum wallet to the platform. MetaMask as browser extension is the simplest solution. Upon a purchase, 2.5% commission accrues to the artist. At OpenSea, you can buy NFTs very safely in 2022.

Buy OpenSea NFTs in 2022

Take a look at our OpenSea guide to get started! If you want to get started with Opensea, click here!

2. Rarible

Rarible is another NFT exchange that mainly focuses on the creators of NFTs, that is, the artists. However, you can also select, buy and sell NFTs from collections there. Rarible is much younger than OpenSea and only opened in early 2020. The marketplace is very clearly designed and focuses strongly on the process of creating NFTs. When a sale is completed, both buyer and seller pay a 2.5% fee. Rarible is also a platform where you can easily and securely buy NFTs in 2022.

Buy rare NFTs in 2022

We have also made a guide for Rarible. If you want to buy NFTs on Rarible, click here!

3. Binance

Binance is the industry leader among crypto exchanges. Founded in 2017, the platform has become the absolute number 1 in crypto trading in recent years. Then, of course, it will also be possible to buy and sell NFTs on Binance in 2022. The NFTs are traded on the internal Binance Blockchain. The Binance coin is available as a payment option. However, the platform also accepts Ether or US Dollars.


With Binance, you have the crypto marketplace at your fingertips to buy NFTs. To go to Binance, click here!

4. is probably the most hyped crypto platform in recent months. The currency has recently risen in value massively, and the platform stands out due to its extremely successful global branding. But behind the marketing, there is an excellent platform with which you can now also buy and sell NFTs in 2022. The platform carries numerous collections from NFTs, most notably from prominent artists collaborating with Payment can be made with FIAT, with cryptocurrencies via an ERC-20 wallet such as MetaMask or directly via the app. Cryptocurrencies is a modern cryptocurrency marketplace that has recently added NFTs. Here you come to the trading place!

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