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NFT is the new hype in the crypto market and provides an opportunity to make ownership of digital assets visible – for example, images and videos. While a digital image can be copied in the form of an NFT just like a classic art painting, the NFT can be used to verify legal ownership and originality. We have explained how NFT works in a detailed guide. In this guide we will show you how to buy an NFT.

With the OpenSea trading platform, you do not have to register with your email address, username and password, as is the case with classic internet portals. Profile creation works automatically using your existing wallet.

Preparation: You need a purse to buy NFT

As with almost any application in the blockchain world, you also need a wallet to purchase an NFT. Wallets are the digital wallets that provide access to one’s cryptocurrencies. A purse can exist in different forms and is not comparable to the Apple purse.

For example, it is possible to manage a wallet using a user account on a crypto exchange such as Coinbase, purchase a special USB stick or use a browser extension. For the purchase of an NFT, we recommend the MetaMask wallet, for which we have already published setup instructions.

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Link your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea

You must connect your existing wallet to the marketplace before making your first purchase or sale on OpenSea. We explain how to do this in detailed step-by-step instructions.

How to top up your OpenSea account with credit

Initially, NFT was only offered through the Ethereum blockchain on OpenSea, and therefore most NFTs are currently traded through this blockchain. However, these purchases incur very high transaction fees for using the Ethereum network. These fees can be over 100 percent and therefore higher than the purchase price of NFT. Therefore, you need to be especially careful with any transaction.

We show you an alternative that does not pay network fees. This works by making your purchases through the Polygon network as an alternative to the Ethereum network. This network is offered more and more often at NFT on OpenSea. To do this, you must first fund your wallet linked to OpenSea with Ethereum (Polygon). Ethereum (Polygon) is classic Ethereum that has been bridged (converted) so that it can also run on the Polygon network.

In the wallet opened via OpenSea (top right) click on “Add funds”.

You can use the “Buy with Card” feature to buy “Ethereum (Polygon)” using a checking account or credit card. This purchase is made through the crypto payment provider Moonpay. To do this, select the entry “Ethereum (polygon)” in the field “Currency” and enter the desired equivalent value in euros in the field “Amount”. Check your entries again, then click “Continue”.

Next, authorize Moonpay to transfer the desired “Ethereum (Polygon)” to your MetaMask wallet. To do this, first click on “Next”.

Now click “Connect” to connect the MetaMask wallet to Moonpay. This allows you to store your purchased ethers in your wallet.

After the address of your MetaMask wallet has been automatically entered in the “Wallet address” field, click “Continue” again.

In the fourth step, enter your email address and then click “Continue”.

You will now be asked to enter the six-digit code that you received via email. This is for verification. Once you have accepted the terms of use and privacy policy, click Continue again.

Now enter your personal data and confirm it by clicking “Continue”.

Then another entry mask will open where you have to enter your billing address. After entering the information, click “Continue” to confirm the information.

After your personal data has been processed, you can select a payment method by clicking on the appropriate field. We have selected the credit card for this guide.

Next, enter your credit card information and confirm it by clicking “Continue”.

You will then receive another overview of the purchase, which you can approve by clicking on “Buy now”.

You did it. After a few minutes, the purchased Ethereum (polygon) will be delivered and you can close the input mask by clicking “X”.

Now you will see the credited Ethereum (polygon) in your wallet.

Find NFT and buy it without transaction fees – How to do it

Buying an NFT on OpenSea is similar to buying from an online store. The hardest part is probably choosing the right NFT. Below we show you how to search for an NFT and how the buying process works.

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You can search for an NFT using the search box on OpenSea. Enter the desired term and confirm with Enter.

You can choose different filters to narrow your search. In order to buy an NFT directly and not see any auctions, select “Buy Now”. To ensure that only NFTs that do not incur network charges are displayed, also select the polygon network in the “Chains” filter by clicking “Polygon”. You can also set the price range in which you want to buy an NFT.

Now select the NFT you want to buy. The price of NFT is displayed to you in Ethereum (polygon) currency. As soon as you move the mouse over the image, you can click “Buy Now”. We recommend that you only buy NFTs whose creators have a “blue tick”. Collections from these creators have been checked.

Then the purchase mask opens automatically, where you can see an overview of the NFT purchase, which you confirm by clicking on “Confirm checkout”. On our screen you can see that only fees are charged that are credited to the creator and no network fees are charged.

In order for the purchase to be completed, you must release the currency required for the purchase in MetaMask using the “Unlock” button.

Then MetaMask opens automatically. By clicking “Sign” you accept the release.

Finally, complete the purchase by clicking on “Sign”.

MetaMask opens again and you have to click “Sign” again.

Congratulations! After the purchase is processed, you are the owner of your first own NFT. With a little luck, you have acquired an NFT that may experience a marked price increase in the future.

Here you can see your purchased NFT

Clicking on the colored circle next to the wallet icon will take you to your OpenSea profile. Once you are logged in to your MetaMask wallet and visit OpenSea, you will be automatically logged in.

You can see your earned NFTs on your profile.

In another guide on you will find other popular platforms to buy NFTs and we will explain how NFTs work.

A message: Beware of fake emails on behalf of You can find out more about this topic in a detailed article.

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