Sporty design with tailgates! What is it really?

Sporty design with tailgates!  What is it really

Sports cars usually have various accessories that aim to improve sportsmanship, including so-called Heck flics. But what the hell are flics really? Heck flics are small fittings attached to the side of the apron at the back. These are usually made of plastic, but often also made of carbon. Some car manufacturers install flics from the factory, but they can also be installed retrofitting. In principle, you can put Heck-Flics on all cars, but it does not fit all. The rear flaps are usually on the bumper limet or in some cases – depending on size – also screwed. Heck flics for retrofitting are almost always glued so as not to damage the apron.

Heck flics

Sporty design with tailgates!  What is it really

Heck flics are small and light, and if they are only glued, you can lose them if they are not glued well enough, or if they are just too much at high speeds air pressure exercised on it. If you want to install Heck-Flics, you need to consider certain things. On some vehicles you can put them in the bumper cut in. This is often possible with vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, whose AMG series often have factory-fitted tailgates. These can be cut off and replaced with them from the accessory. For the glued variants, the glued area of ​​the bumper must first be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol to ensure a strong hold. With a bolted variant, you usually drill a hole or two in the bumper and then attach the flickers according to the instructions. If the tailgates are not fitted from the factory, the components may need to be approved by an expert, as the dimensions of the vehicle often change.

How do tail chips work?

Info: If Heck-Flics comes with an ABE, there is no need for expert approval. The sporty look is also essential for the installation for most people. For many, they make the vehicle look nicer. The variants for retrofitting are usually held by one Double sided tape. Another advantage is the rule slightly improved Aerodynamics created by the installation. The airflows are optimized depending on the vehicle, even if it is only minimal and certainly insignificant, especially for a road vehicle. In our opinion do Heck flics but only if fitted in combination with an air opening in the rear skirt.

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