Ron Bielecki is looking for NFT disaster – buyers get money back

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Of: Daniel Neubert


Fraud revealed – Ron Bielecki fell head over heels in NFT sales. As compensation, the influencer sends his victims to celebrate in Belgium.

Berlin – Influencer Ron Bielecki knows how to present himself to attract attention. Alcohol, parties and money are the focus of his YouTube videos and Instagram websites. Last month, the YouTuber offered his fans a so-called “tornado card” online to purchase exclusive access to events with the influencer. But his fans sensed fraud and strongly criticized the influencer. Bielecki now rowed back and published a statement.

Full name Ron Bielecki
birthday August 24, 1998
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 535,000 (as of June 2022)
Followers on Instagram 683,000 (as of June 2022)

What happened? Ron Bielecki polarizes almost non-stop. In the last few weeks, one scandal has followed the next, and in addition to damaging his image, he now appears to have endangered the goodwill of society. Last month, Bielecki offered an NFT that would give the owner access to exclusive events. The criticism then hailed from many sides. The influencer has now issued a statement in which he apologizes.

What should the Tornado Card offer? His so-called Tornado card was to guarantee his owner access to special and exclusive events. “Unique and limited. Your exclusive access to a world you have so far only known from social media.”

With these words, the virtual object is advertised on Bielecki’s website. What exactly this all means is more than unclear. The “Tornado Card” should be accessible “Offer 4 exclusive major events, at least 6 surprise parties, numerous competitions and over 250 other experiences.”

Ron Bielecki apologizes for NFT rip-off – buyers get money back © Instagram: Ron Bielecki

What is Bielecki’s video about? In his statement video, Bielecki states that he confided in the “wrong” people with the “NFT topic”. Reportedly, decisions were made behind his back. In addition, Bielecki says all customers should get their money back and that he will be giving away 60 seats to the Tomorrowland Festival including hotel rooms if you join his Discord server.

In addition, the venues for the events, which were only scheduled for Tornado Card members, were also to be raffled off on his Discord server. However, the website for purchasing the “Tornado Card” is still online.

What does society say? YouTuber Rutkay summed up the situation in his video and included Ron Bielecki’s statement. On YouTube, however, viewers are generally skeptical. In any case, Bielecki does not seem to enjoy the greatest trust among his viewers. Apparently, the YouTuber was far from able to convince all his fans.

  • mm writes on YouTube: “Well, if you fall for it … education is important. The viewers pay him the things, they just do not support it.
  • crazy crisis comments: “Everyone now knows that Ron’s nft / tornado card is a scam.

Who is Ron Bielecki? Ron Bielecki is a YouTuber and influencer. Bielecki has been online since 2013 and first published fitness and training videos on his channel. Meanwhile, Bielecki presents himself as a partygoer and playboy on social networks and his videos. Wealth is one of the central themes of his videos, he regularly brags about the money he seems to have. With his statements and appearances, Bielecki regularly created a lot of talk and furore on the German YouTube scene.

However, it has not gone very well for the YouTuber from Berlin lately. In a video, Bielecki bullied security personnel at a concert while he was drunk, and the influencer did not cut a good figure in a detailed interview with Leeroy Matata either. After the “Tornado card” apparently also caused a negative public perception, it will not be easy for the supposedly rich party animal to polish its image again.

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