Is Vivents setting the new benchmark for online trade in art, luxury items and NFTs?

Art Deal started two years ago by disrupting the art market – now the startup wants more and launches the marketplace with Vivents with a much wider range.

If the Startup Art Deal wanted to shake up the art market in the founding phase, this plan is still in place today. But along with the team and investors, hunger has also grown. Art Deal launched “Vivents” and will not only set the tone with the new digital marketplace for art, luxury and NFTs, but also set the pace.

Trade in art, luxury and NFTs belongs on the smartphone

And in the digital game, social media, virtual worlds as well as art, luxury objects and NFTs can be purchased directly on Vivents. This rhythmic view of Art Deal is reflected in the app, which opens access to the digital marketplace today.

The art market has so far been one of the weakly digitized sectors. The announcement from the creators of Art Deal and the new definition of the art and luxury trade can therefore send a shiver down the spine on gallery owners and art dealers who consistently operate in the same way. Art Deal does not provide first aid in the moment of shock, but includes digitally affected professionals from the gallery and art market scene in the planning and also in the cooperative marketplace. The only ones left out are those who say: Art belongs on the wall, NFTs in the shop window and the art trade remains analog, period.

The openness and willingness to collaborate is shown by the fact that Art Deal, as the operator of the digital marketplace, also acts as a creative agency – for example for luxury brands, galleries and fashion brands who want to launch tailor-made “drops” on the app. Art Deal offers not only the digital scene, but also accompaniment and support from providers in the form of design and technology.

The social marketplace must herald a new era of art trade and luxury trade

Art Deal does not pursue this goal with Vivents in a narrowly defined framework. The startup and the app, according to their own statement, want to play a central role on the global stage. The ambitious goals cannot be achieved with false modesty, so the co-founder and CEO leave Sarah Schlagenhauf no unnecessary detours and says:

We want to set a new benchmark and be a leader in art and luxury e-commerce – when it comes to art, luxury and NFTs, we want to set the pace with Vivents

The CEO of Art Deal believes that with Vivent, online shopping for art, luxury and digital goods has now arrived in the present: social, peer-to-peer, storytelling via Instagram and many exciting drops. Additionally, according to Schlagenhauf: New artists, galleries, and established luxury brands can present and sell their artwork and products here in a NextGen-compatible setting.

The launch of Vivents after the dress rehearsal

Vivent’s marketplace launches today, a dress rehearsal took place more than a year ago with the world’s first Vivent, a virtual event that fuses art, artist, community and technology, reported. The startup then expanded the concept massively, expanded the team, brought new investors on board and programmed the digital platform, which premieres today in the form of the app. A marketplace that provides art, luxury, fashion, NFTs and more a virtual home and inspires members of NextGen to art and this more.

The line-up for the start of the marketplace

With the line-up for the launch of Vivents, Art Deal wants to show in which areas the app can and should influence, for example with art, photography, luxury goods, NFTs and fashion. Bucherer is also on board with an exclusive certified pre-owned watch drop. In a way, yet another premiere within the marketplace premiere, the watches are only available in a limited edition at Vivents, including an NFT VIP Pass.

Already in Metaverset or only Virtual Reality?

We have Sarah Schlagenhauf asked to describe the nature of the digital app and platform in one word – their answer: Drop-in-V-Commerce. oh The ambitious expression is the latest and most impressive neologism from Silicon Valley. And according to Schlagenhauf, the virtual platform scratches hard at the interface of the metaverse, so the roads to the future remain short.

If you do not feel like cracking the digital and virtual distress on terms and professionally, you can just take a look and get an idea of ​​the new marketplace, click here for Vivents.

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