Bluetooth speaker Tronsmart Bang in test: price-performance tips from China

Summer lures you outside. The right music should not be lacking, which is why it is a good idea to buy a suitable outdoor speaker. With the Bang, Tronsmart has a portable Bluetooth speaker on offer to meet the requirements of outdoor use. We took a closer look at the Tronsmart Bang and revealed in the test what the box with integrated powerbank and LED lighting is capable of compared to competitors like the JBL Flip 5 (test report) or Sony XB33 (test report).

When it comes to design, Tronsmart offers one thing in particular: it’s great. Compared to the JBL Flip 5 or Ultimate Ears Boom 3 (test report), it takes up twice as much space and even exceeds the size of the Soundcore Motion Boom (test report). The speaker makes a pretty massive impression, which is also noticeable on the wide handle.

The handle itself is like the house made of plastic. Because the house is made of two parts, not one, a nail runs over the house on both sides. This gives it a pretty cheap impression. On the other hand, the speaker is easy to clean, which is due to the care-friendly mesh fabric on the surface of the box. Unfortunately, there is no shock protection – similar to the Sony XB33 (test report) and Xiaomi Mi Portable (test report).

Tronsmart Bang has an IPX6 certification for this. So you can dip the speaker in water for a short time or use it in the shower, for example. However, the bangs do not survive a longer dive in the pool or in the bathtub at home, let alone in salt water. Because the Tronsmart speaker explicitly as Outdoor party speakers announced, we would have liked a little more protection against external influences. But the manufacturer sees outdoors more in the sense of a beach party than a pool party.

To put the Tronsmart Bang into operation, you need a smartphone. We download the associated app and link it to the speaker – just turn on the speaker and follow the instructions in the app. It only takes a few seconds and works without any problems. The bang has a so-called TuneConn button, which allows us to connect up to 100 identical Bang speakers. This allows us not only to produce stereo sound, but also to fill large outdoor areas with sound without any problems.

Otherwise, we experience no surprises when it comes to operation: A rubberized control panel at the top allows you to control the individual sound modes. We can also activate the so-called Soundpulse EQ button, which is to ensure a particularly clear sound. We’ll find out later if it works. Like most Bluetooth boxes on the market, the Tronsmart Bang also uses the volume buttons twice, so we have to do without separate buttons to switch the pieces of music. We searched in vain for a key light. At least there is a charge indicator that tells us how much battery life is left.

The Tronsmart app, required for many of the Bang speaker’s features, includes its own equalizer with various sound modes, a playback mode controller, broadcast mode controllers with up to 100 speakers and a light control. We found the app to be manageable and functional. The EQ modes are absolutely adequate for the average user, although an individually adjustable mode would have been desirable. If you want, you can play music on Bang not only via Bluetooth but also from a TF card, a playback device connected via a jack cable or an external hard drive (via USB). All of this worked without problems in our test, as did the lighting. We either set the latter to a fixed color or let it pulsate variably in time with the music.

With a price tag of around 100 euros, the Tronsmart Bang must withstand fierce competition such as the Sony XB33 (test report), Sonos Roam SL (test report) or JBL Flip 5 (test report). In terms of equipment and extras also against Soundcore Motion Boom (test report). In theory, Bang should hit a fine number here, because with an output of 60 watts, it is significantly higher than the competitors from JBL’s Flip 5 (20 watts) and Soundcore Motion Boom (30 watts). Tronsmart specifies a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which means that the bang covers a larger range than the JBL Flip 5.

However, the sound turns out to be quite disappointing in practice. For somehow, despite the size of the speaker, neither the performance nor the sound area really comes into its own. Adeles Rolls deep remains pale, the guitars are scratched and when the bass is activated, the deep tones come out of the box uncomfortably dull. If we turn up the volume, the high notes ring in our ears.

Also our test with Brothers in Arms from Dire Straits gave a sad picture: the vocals sounded muddy and dull, the guitars also scratched again. Other sound modes like hi-fi did not bring any improvement here because the sound coming out of the speakers is generally too muddy and undifferentiated. All equalizer sound modes differ significantly from each other, but we did not get a really satisfactory result. Soundcore shows with Motion Boom (test report) how it can be done better.

All in all, the sound is back to saying: the Tronsmart Bang is not a total failure, and at a price of around 100 euros (depending on the range) it is a usable outdoor speaker for casual parties. However, do not expect too much here – and the Soundcore competition simply has the edge here.

According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the Tronsmart Bang is up to 15 hours depending on the sound profile and volume. This places the Bluetooth speaker in the center of comparable speakers and at the same level as the Sony XB33 (test report). We can confirm the manufacturer’s information about the driving time in the test as well as the relatively long charging time of 4.5 hours. Tronsmart does not provide information on battery capacity.

Like the competitor model, the Tronsmart Bang offers an integrated powerbank. Users can also charge their own smartphone or comparable hardware on the go, although of course it is at the expense of playback time. In addition, the Bang supports the use of language assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant, but otherwise has no other accessories.

The Tronsmart Bang is by no means a bad speaker – but it does not surprise with special unique selling points either. The sound is solid and is okay for the offer price. Battery life is in midfield, so is the price and equipment.

But that’s exactly the catch with this speaker: the mediocre IPX6 certification, the mediocre battery and the rather cheap look lack real highlights. Bang is therefore definitely suitable as an outdoor speaker for users who do not want to spend much more than 100 euros. But in a direct comparison, it must admit defeat to competitors, especially the significantly better Soundcore Motion Boom (test report).

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