what to do? Money back from lawyer?

hit by a crypto-fraud speculate: what to do? How can Money back be picked up and which lawyer specializes in these fraud cases?

In the cases of cryptocurrency fraud that are currently taking place, the perpetrators are stealing euro balances as well as bitcoins and other digital values. The exact course of events is usually not easy for the fraud victim to reconstruct, as everything happens very quickly.

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more in-depth information is given to those affected. Anyone who has suffered a significant financial loss as a result of crypto fraud can use the contact form or send an email to describe their own incident without obligation. You will receive one free initial assessment a specialized lawyer.

Crypto-fraud: what to do? Take immediate action!

Fraud victims should immediately take certain steps against crypto fraud. The goal is initially to avoid further financial and other losses. It is advisable to have access to your own online banking and to your own Crypto-exchange accounts to ensure.

In this way, it can be ruled out that the fraudulent brokers and dubious trading platforms may carry out any transactions against your will.

It is not uncommon for victims of fraud to provide external access during crypto fraud, which perpetrators sometimes use to malware to install. Therefore, it is also important to maintain up-to-date antivirus software.

Protect accounts and accounts Secure blockchain data Save emails and instant messages
Make no further payments Contact a Crypto Fraud Lawyer Demand money back and take legal action

What to do if no money is paid back permanently?

In most cases, the current cases of crypto fraud are such that the victims of the fraud have previously registered on one of the currently dubious trading platforms. A “personal supervisor” was assigned, who eventually turned out to be a fraudulent broker.

The fraud victims transfer their Bitcoins and other digital values ​​from the crypto exchanges to the dubious trading platform. The victims are pretending that there is a successful trade in the crypto market. But none of that is true.

In the case of cryptocurrency fraud, the cryptocurrencies are not on a real trading platform from the start, but in the backers’ wallets. At some point, those affected will claim their alleged winnings or at least the money they have paid back.

Men APayment is declined by the broker. This is where the actual crypto scam appears. Those affected should then lodge a legally sound criminal complaint as soon as possible and initiate legal proceedings.

Crypto Scams: Possible Money Back?

The extent to which money can be successfully reclaimed after a cryptocurrency scam depends on many factors. First of all: speed! Because if you give the perpetrators too much time to get rid of the illegally stolen assets, you lose realistic chances of success.

Furthermore, a lawyer who is explicitly familiar with crypto fraud should be hired. In this way, those affected can be helped promptly, without the lawyer having to painstakingly familiarize himself with the case of blockchain and fraudulent constellations on the Internet.

Basically Blockchain a starting point when it comes to being able to claim money back. After all, the perpetrators’ crypto transactions are publicly visible on the blockchain. It can therefore be determined where the digital assets of the fraud victims are currently located.

What should I do if my crypto is on someone else’s wallet of scammers?

In these cases, the investigating authorities receive an entry Blockchain Analysis perform and locate the lost assets. The crypto exchanges can and should in turn be informed about which cryptocurrencies are associated with criminal activities.

Sooner or later, the perpetrators would like to sell the stolen cryptocurrencies for euros or US dollars. For this, it is necessary that the cryptocurrencies be paid back to an exchange. At this point, both the crypto exchanges involved and the responsible investigating authorities can become active.

In terms of ownership, nothing changes as a result of the further transfer of Bitcoin or other digital assets to a third party wallet. Because the cryptocurrencies belong to the owner, no matter what wallet the values ​​are on. In other words, fraudsters can use cryptocurrencies functionbut not as rightful owner same occur.

Crypto-scam by unknown woman or Tinder?

The case constellations within crypto fraud are different. For example, on the part of the perpetrator, a false profile created by an attractive looking woman to specifically appeal to male people. Tinder in particular can be used as a platform, but there are also other contact options.

A relationship of trust is first established via Whatsapp, Telegram or on Facebook and Twitter. After a while, the perpetrators skillfully steer the conversation back to the subject investment investments. Then relevant trading platforms are recommended, which of course are by no means serious.

That a woman’s appearance or the Tinder dating platform is being “used” shows how icy the financial scammers are these days. At the beginning of an alleged personal contact, those affected can hardly see that there is in fact crypto fraud.

  • If you are receiving a chat message or email from an originally unknown woman and the subject has turned to crypto, you should be wary.
  • Tinder is not a platform to discuss investment opportunities. Here, too, caution applies if the apparent dating contact suddenly comments on cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto-fraud is targeted via social media to persuade fraud victims to make deposits on certain trading platforms as “gently” as possible.
  • All relevant communication data should be stored as they will be useful as investigative information in prosecuting the perpetrators.

Alleged tax leading to huge, unexpected financial damage in crypto fraud!

In addition, in the contact between the “personal broker” and the scam victim, the subject treasure discussed to receive additional deposits from investors who have already been injured. It is proposed that a certain tax burden be paid. Only then can payment be made.

To reinforce this claim, the fraudulent brokers and dubious traders falsify much genuine documents. Some of these documents allegedly show the responsible tax office, an anti-money laundering authority or a blockchain company issuing. These are forged documents.

Through this Tax fraud the perpetrators succeed in obtaining additional payments from the victims. The economic loss increases even after crypto fraud that originally took place. Some of the current fraudulent brokers are listed here: Black List Brokers.

Crypto-fraud: not only false tax, but further false arguments for even more money are given!

The perpetrators are trying to get more money or more cryptocurrencies from their victims for a number of compelling reasons.

In addition to the alleged tax to be paid for crypto fraud, among other things, mirror transactions, liquidity certificates, transfer fees and other fictitious lies. It always ends up that more money has to be paid in.

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