400% profit! New trading service NFT Signals generates top traders with a return of millions

NFT Signals, a new provider of NFT trading signals, hit this week: The service sent out a trading signal to an NFT collection, which has brought users more than a million dollars in total returns.

Bone Ducks – NFT Collection brings millions in profits

The crypto markets have been weak for a few weeks – this also affects the NFT sector. But traders emphasize again and again: Money can be made especially in bearish phases – you just need to know where to look. This is where trading signal service providers like NFT Signals come in.


It has just given its users the Bone Ducks NFT collection as a trading signal – giving them a return of $ 1,239,345. There were originally 6,555 copies, they are all sold out now.

The cheapest Bone Duck NFT (# 1132) changed hands for 0.018 ETH ($ 19), the most expensive (# 2323) got a purchase price of 23.23 ETH ($ 25,000). In short: a valuable trade! But how does trading signals really work?

Appropriate providers indicate trades that they believe could be profitable – and charge a fee for this. The big advantage: You are exempted from the work associated with researching the market and the associated technical and social sentiment analysis. In other words, you do not need to know anything about trading in NFT.

NFTCrypto.io offers these packages

To access NFT Signals NFT trading signals, you must register on nftcrypto.io for one of the three offered packages.

Each package guarantees at least five signals per week, whitelist access information and free Mint Alerts for hot new NFT collections. You get access to knowledge and experience from professional NFT traders – and the benefits it brings.

Monthly (£ 50), quarterly (£ 75) and annual (£ 250) payment options are currently offered. On top of that, the service can also be used for free for four weeks, As Marketing Manager Darnell McWilliams explains:

“Our most popular package at the moment is the monthly package of £ 75 and we see that usage continues to grow. All packages come with one month free.”

It is true that the NFT markets are also currently in a crisis. However, the situation is not as bearish as it seems, according to McWilliams:

“From what we see, it seems that while the market is not doing so well compared to last year, the trading environment still offers ample liquidity for traders to take profits.”

NFT signals: 20 to 40 signals per month, no over trading

NFT Signals emphasizes: You do not want to negotiate and closely relate the number of signals to market conditions. For example, small trades that are no more than 5% of the account balance are recommended. Between 20 and 40 signals must be transmitted per month.

The goal: to minimize risks for investors and generate regular, attractive income on a monthly basis.

Last updated on July 15, 2022

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