New house, enough children – but not enough staff

Looking forward to moving into the new nursery building (from left): Maik Hollstein, head of the facility, Bettina Zauner, kindergarten manager, Brigitte Krompass and her deputy and head of the nursery, Petra Reindl, with the mayor of Fürstenzell, Manfred Hammer, and City Hall Leader Josef Wimmer. Photo: Brunner

Those responsible for the day care institution St. Maria in Fürstenzell (Passau district) has mixed feelings. Concerns about staff shortages mingle with the joy of the new construction, which is nearing completion – from 1 September, it will be used exclusively for the three nursery groups named after sun, moon and stars.

“We are looking for teachers for two additional groups as soon as possible – one in the nursery area, one for the kindergarten,” emphasizes facility manager Brigitte Krompass – combined with an invitation to interested parties to apply, or to the public to contact appropriate staff or to suggest.

The shortage of skilled labor across all sectors now seems to have reached the area of ​​local day care, as Fürstenzell’s mayor Manfred Hammer found out in a conversation with those responsible for Seraphisches Liebeswerk Altötting, which runs St. Maria home school with associated facilities in the heart of the market town. It can not be due to the reputation of this church employer and the beautiful design of the new building in a wooden frame concept for a comfortable indoor climate in all seasons that the search for more teachers has so far been in vain.

Search has so far failed

“These are brand new jobs with the best conditions,” excites Brigitte Krompass in the presence of senior facility manager Maik Hollstein. All nursery children – there will be 42 places for them from September – will in future live in the light-filled new ground floor with a view of the landscape and the old trees around the existing kindergarten. Everything is very generously arranged, emphasizes the kindergarten leader, according to whom, thanks to the extra space, the recently somewhat cramped situation in the old building, where there has been an emergency group in addition to the two ordinary ones, will be rectified. groups since 2016 due to the strong haste.
After the new building is taken into use, there will be 92 places in the kindergarten area. Thus, the market town as a developer responds to the increasing demand as a result of the influx of young families in particular to new construction areas. City Hall manager and head of the building department Josef Wimmer even talks about a wave and justifies this choice of concept with the fact that, for example, the newly designated building area “Fürstenzeller Feld II” over Irsham with 50 plots was fully developed within just two years. Of course, this wave will now slow down a bit, the head of administration predicts.

The project follows the plan

“We look forward to it,” said the mayor of Fürstenzell in light of the progress of construction on the new orphanage. Thanks to the strong commitment of everyone involved, the project is on time and within budget, with a total investment volume of EUR 3030220. “And that despite the unfavorable conditions worldwide,” added Maik Hollstein of Seraphisches Liebeswerk, who was “overjoyed.” All challenges were mastered in close collaboration with the architect Philipp Donath, the suppliers and the trading companies involved, explained Josef Wimmer from the local government.

So there is every reason to celebrate it at the inauguration of the beautiful new building – for both old and young, big and small. However, the representatives of the sponsorship did not want to commit to an exact date for this festival. But it should be ready by autumn, when the children – as at the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony in early June 2021 – will certainly play the lead role.

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