Geberit One washbasins with a design and technology upgrade

(July 14, 2022) With its ONE bathroom series, Geberit is dependent on modularity and functionality – also with the new portfolio, which is now available in specialty stores. For example, sinks with a protrusion of 48 cm are new – possibly with a vertical or horizontal drain:

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With the portfolio update, all washbasin variants are now available with and without tap hole for standard mounting with a protrusion of 48 cm in widths between 60 and 120 cm, table sinks with a width of 50 cm and a protrusion of 40 cm. As a visual highlight, there is the standard and washbasin – 90 cm wide, with horizontal drain and generous storage space to the left or right.

Plumbing installers do not need a special front wall element to mount the new sinks, but can easily mount them in front of normal mounting elements such as Duofix and GIS. This also makes them attractive for renovation.

Like all ONE washbasins, the new variants are also equipped with a hidden overflow system, so that all new ceramics do not have an overflow hole. This creates a continuous surface and the ceramic sink looks much more elegant.

Larger selection of design and installation options

The new series offers a larger selection of different designs and installation options. In addition to the well-known geometric shapes, there are now also washbasins in a soft-organic design:

Builders have the choice between standard washbasins, furniture and table sinks in shell form and angular design. All new ceramics are also coated with the particularly smooth and dirt-repellent KeraTect surface.

Two drain variants for even more variation

The new sinks are available with both horizontal drains and vertical drains. Both drains have a space-saving odor trap that no longer requires recesses in the base drawer’s top drawer and thus provides more storage space.

The horizontal washbasin drain is adapted to the design of the washbasin. located at the rear edge of the pool and covered by a magnetically attached panel. Due to this backward position, the drain is not exposed to the water jet. This prevents backscatter from the drain and promises significantly less water and limescale residues.

The panel covering the drain, together with the integrated comb insert, can be removed and cleaned with a flick of the wrist. In combination with a pedestal faucet, the water can also be retained in the horizontal washbasin drain.

The washbasins with vertical drains have a round ceramic valve cover located in the middle. The visually uniform surface contributes to the high-quality appearance of the washbasin.

The vertical drain has a reduced valve cup. This makes cleaning easier, especially since the valve cover has an integrated cam insert:

Laundry cabinets

The new ONE base cabinets and table tops for the washbasins with the standard projection of 48 cm can be highly individualized with colors, surfaces and decorations. Up to a width of 120 cm, the base cabinets can be equipped with one or two drawers. Two or four drawers provide plenty of space in the vanity unit with a width of 135 cm for the combination with surface-mounted washbasins. The drawers have a “push-to-open” mechanism and are self-closing.

The washbasins are 48 cm deep and between 60 and 135 cm wide. The newly designed drawer concept makes it possible to utilize the available storage space to a large extent, as the structural movement of the siphon means that a recess is no longer necessary. The top drawer in the middle of the drawer gets more depth and thus extra storage space.

Inside the drawer, side design moldings with a stainless steel look have been added. In combination with the anthracite-colored interior, a combination of very high quality is created. Alternatively, integrated LED light strips can also be selected, which ensure more brightness and an elegant look in the drawer. A modular organization system for more order in the drawer is also available as an option.

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