Dresden: Dresden’s parents want to sue children at the desired school

Dresden’s parents will sue children at their dream school

Hundreds of children were diverted to another school in Dresden. Now the courts must decide whether the desired school still works.

For some children, it is still unclear which Dresden school they will be studying at from August. Now the courts must decide whether to come to the school of their choice.
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Dresden. Friday before Pentecost, hundreds of Dresden children and parents trotted around the mailbox nervously. For on this day the letters came from the schools, who gets what place in which primary school, high school or high school. Not all students and parents were happy with the contents of the letter. Now some are going the legal way.

How many lawsuits are there?

“We currently have five urgent procedures for Dresden, complaining about admission to the respective desired school,” said Petra Nikolov, spokeswoman for the State Office of Education. The cases were brought once for the high school and four times for the desired high school.

A decision will now be made over the next few weeks. How successful litigation is is hard to say. In recent years, however, the administrative court has in several cases decided for the sake of the families.

Parents can also object to the allocation of school places. “At present, nothing can be said about the number of objections received,” Nikolov said. The objection notices will first be dealt with by the respective schools.

The contradictions received by the State Office for Schools and Education are forwarded to the schools for consideration. Only if the schools cannot process the contradictions does the State Office for School and Education take over. The main reasons for the contradictions are mostly long distances to the school.

How many children did not initially get the school they wanted?

Most of the kids had been hoping to go to the same high school or high school with their friends. But a total of 477 children initially did not get a place at the chosen school for fifth grade in early June.

A few have now been moved up. There are also hundreds of cancellations or redirects in elementary schools.

Which schools would have the most children to go to?

Nearly 5,000 upcoming fifth graders got their dream school, at least per. On June 3, 297 high school students and 180 high school students were unlucky. This was stated in the figures from the State Office for Schools and Education, which are available on Sächsische.de.

At the high schools, the new primary school in Albertstadt had to issue the most cancellations. 201 children were registered during the winter.

Apparently, the school model has convinced many families: The students who move into the new building on the corner of Königsbrücker Straße / Stauffenbergallee in the summer have to go together from first to ninth (high school graduation certificate), tenth (secondary). school leaving certificate) or twelfth grade (Abitur) under one roof and no longer have to change school after fourth grade. So young and old learn together.

Friendships do not have to end after primary school. The same thing happens in the new school year at the university school. However, there was equal space there, so no child had to be “steered” to another school. A total of nine high schools were to issue denials. Among other high schools Pieschen and Bürgerwiese are also popular.

The 477 children who are not allowed to study at the school of their choice have now been redirected to schools where there are still vacancies. For there are no school districts for the high schools and colleges in Dresden. This means that any student can enroll in any school – no matter what part of the city they live in.

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