Children go on stalking

Holiday fun in Radevormwald
Foresters have visits

As part of the holiday fun program, about 20 children were out traveling with hunters on the raised skins in the hunting districts to observe the forest animals together.

There is a lot of activity in the parking lot behind the town hall. It’s Wednesday night, it’s still humid and hot, a few drops are about to fall from the gray sky. Many children are there, the muttered excited. There were also many adults, mostly in green clothes and with dogs on a leash. Suddenly there are hunting horns, explains Claudia Möllney from Hegering Radevormwald: “Now the hunters are called, it is the signal to leave.” The dogs also feel it, they become restless, some whine – just not the big dog that Claudia Möllney has on it. cord. “He’s old and doesn’t hear very well anymore,” she says with a smile. Nevertheless, of course, he would like to be there.

The children gather, take one last look at the roller forest school’s carriage, where many stuffed forest dwellers can be seen – squirrels, wild boars, owls, fawns or weasels. “Hopefully you will be able to see many of the animals in real life,” says Hegering chairman Volker Grossmann.

Hegeringen again offers an exciting evening for children as part of the holiday fun – “On the hunt … with the hunter at the forefront” is the name of the offer. “We have been offering this for a number of years – and it is regularly used so well that we always have a waiting list,” says Claudia Möllney. 20 children and young people between the ages of eight and 16 came on Wednesday night. And after a few introductory words from the Hegering chief, the division begins. It is a one-on-one supervision – each child goes with a hunter to one of the hiding places in the 13 hunting districts in the forest around Radevormwald. “You have a wonderful adventure ahead of you, I wish you could see a lot of animals through binoculars,” Grossmann says. Seven-year-old Eleonora drives to a hideout in the village of Remlingrad with hunter-gatherer Denise Wilms. The girl is visibly excited and speaks without a dot or comma as she walks through the meadow to the high seat with her companion. “I have been a hunter for five years, I found out through my partner, who is also a hunter. My motivation is animal welfare, ”says Denise Wilms. Eleonora has also heard of it. “The hunters not only shoot the animals, they help them too,” she says seriously. Even though she has respect for the gun that Denise Wilms takes out of the trunk of her jeep. “You better wear that, I don’t like that,” says the girl.

The seven-year-old would most like to see a fox, she says. “That would be amazing!” But above all, they should be one thing – very quiet, Denise Wilms answers. “It is very likely that we will see deer or rabbits. They come out early in the evening. Wild boar usually come later – but we have a cornfield next to the shed. They like to go in there, maybe we are lucky, “says the hunter.

It is not just observation of what the children do with the hunters. It is also about information. About the kitz rescue. Denise Wilms reports on this. “It’s nice,” Eleonora comments. And then asks: “But how does the deer mother find her fawn again?” Denise Wilms answers: “It’s interesting – deer have a tear secretion that mother can smell very far away.” The seven-year-old is visibly amazed.

Arriving at the high seat, the two climb up. “First I want to see if wasps haven’t built a nest in it. They’re pretty quick with it,” says Denise Wilms, but she can give it all right away. Inside, it’s pretty spartan – but there are at least enough space for the hunter to sleep there too. “Now we stay here a few hours. Let’s see what we discover, “says the hunter.

Eleonora’s wish comes true later in the evening. “We were very lucky to see a fox, a rabbit and several deer,” says Denise Wilms.

When it gets dark, the children and their chasing companions gather again in the parking lot behind the town hall. To share their experiences and observations, of course. “But also for tobogganing. We hunters call it when there is something to eat. We really wanted a barbecue, but we did not succeed, so there is a cold snack and drinks, “says Claudia Möllney.

The kids do not care, after all they just had a really exciting evening.

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