What helps against children’s stress on vacation?

July 13, 2022 – Zoe Groening

Holidays should be the best time of year so we want to get rid of stress the rest of the year. But often it gets stressful on the holiday itself. Packing suitcases, traffic jams on the highway, long queues at the airport or corona worries and of course you will not want to miss anything in the holiday country. What is the best way to calm the nerves in this situation? Today: How can you relax with the children on holiday?

Finally vacation, final relaxation. Unfortunately, the holidays can sometimes be quite stressful, whether it is packing your suitcase or even on the holiday itself .. So what can you do to spend the time really relaxing? Stress coach Jacob Drachenberg gives tips on how to best defend yourself against holiday stress.

What is the best way to pack your suitcase when the kids are home?

“One can also ask oneself: ‘What worked well on the last holiday trip?’ As you can see, it worked well that I just put my kids in front of the television for 1.5 hours and also said, “Now I just have to pack up. . ” Then you can really pack focused. Or you can make it a fun game and take the kids with you. You make a big list and see that everything that needs to be taken is cleared into the living room as soon as possible. That means: no matter what you have to do, whether you are on vacation or in general in life, which can be uncomfortable, just make a game out of it. At the end of the day, you just have to understand that packing can also be an expectation if I take the beach ball or sunscreen with me, because I look forward to using it on the beach. “

How to avoid the stress of waiting in the airport queue with children?

“The technique is called ‘mental contrast.’ It means, ‘What could happen, and would it help me?’ also survive some bridge time for hours with the family. That when you arrive at the airport you know: “Okay, it can not happen that I have had a book with me for this, but if it should happen, then I am prepared.”

Do you need to base your vacation planning on the kids?

“No, not at all. This sacrifice for other people’s needs quite often leads to a state where we are just totally exhausted. Parents must make sure that they themselves have energy and are in a good mood. The children must not be neglected either, but let the pendulum slide into the middle. It’s very selfish in the long run, if I only take care of the needs of others and lose sight of my needs, then I can not be there for others for several months, because I simply have no energy, because I am unhappy, because I I’m ungrateful and I get dissatisfied and then I blow myself much faster and I’m unbalanced. The children do not like that either ‘.

Can you as a parent sometimes do something alone on holiday?

“Children can also learn at some point that not every need can be met immediately in the end. Of course, it’s also a bit of the tooth of the time with fast delivery services, with Amazon Prime, with all the items where we have a need, press a button and bang, our needs are met. That means I do not want to train anyone from a stress management perspective because it is not possible. “

Can children accept that they also have to do something on their own?

“The kids also understand that their mom or dad might be explaining, ‘I really need an hour for myself now. Can you please take a look at the game now? I want to lie in the sun for a moment and read my book. Then we build a castle together. “It means: really communicating, explaining what makes sense. Most kids also want their parents to be okay.”

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