The skin out of control – … because the microbiome is out of balance

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Suggestions for moderation: Anyone who has ever been bitten by a mosquito, which happens more often these days, knows this: It itches and itches, even quite unfavorable places, and one wants to scratch all the time. You can go crazy. And now imagine that this itching follows you all year round, with a few rest periods in between, but you still get this terrible itching again and again. More than four million people in Germany – from babies to adults – feel the same way. You suffer from neurodermatitis. And with them their families, partners and friends. One reason for this is an imbalance in the skin flora, which can be repaired thanks to a newly discovered active ingredient. That’s what Oliver Heinze says.

Speaking: Contrary to what the name of the skin disease suggests, neurodermatitis is not caused by neuritis. The basis is a genetic defect that weakens the skin’s protective function, explains microbiologist Prof. Christine Lang from the Technical University of Berlin.

Original sound 1 (Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, 34 seconds): “Billions of different bacteria live on the top layer of skin. Healthy skin has a microbiome, as we call this community of bacteria, which consists of 99 percent beneficial bacteria. And these “protects the skin against invaders, it is inflammatory bacteria and so are the allergens. In atopic skin, this relationship between beneficial and inflammatory bacteria is clearly shifted.

Lecturer: Recent studies show that the microbiome is out of balance even during the flare-up period and on seemingly unaffected skin areas – an important approach to better treatment because …

Original sound 2 (Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, 30 seconds): “This means that the care of neurodermatitis skin must also include these bacteria and the skin flora. And here, after ten years of research, we have had a fantastic breakthrough: We could for the first time “prove that there is an active ingredient that can repair the skin flora and actually help restore the skin microbiome, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and thus reactivate the skin’s protective shield.”

Narrator: Professor Lang and her team discovered this unique active ingredient in a lactic acid bacterium and used it as a basis for developing a special medical skin care series for the various stages of neurodermatitis skin.

Original sound 3 (Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, 26 sec.): “There is an intensive cream. This means that the microbiome can be cared for and reactivated on normal skin even between flares. And there is emergency care, which must then be used on affected skin areas.The series is called IBIOTICS with, available at pharmacies without a prescription and we know from studies and user studies that it actually relieves the disorder. ”

Moderate suggestion: In neurodermatitis, there are too many disease-causing bacteria on the skin, which are easy to do because the bacteria are not protective enough and cause itching, dandruff and inflammation. A new patented active ingredient brings the relationship between good and bad bacteria, ie the microbiome, back into balance. You can find all information about this, and also which active care products are best suited when, at The products are available without a prescription at pharmacies and also in the online store.

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