Fall Guys is still the best casual game. I think that’s the problem

Fall Guys do it again, huh? After setting the record for the most lucrative PlayStation Plus game when it was launched in August 2020 – a platform on which the Rocket League made its debut, which also made history – Epic reported 50 million after switching to free-to-two -play players in two weeks. A message that clearly emphasizes the strengths of the neat but stubborn jump without big words, if you think about it.

The thing is, Fall Guys exudes an infinitely welcoming vibe. When you see them, these prayers in their relentlessly commercialized but always charming licensed costumes and their bright yet tastefully selected colors, you just want to be with. It looks like a candid, social and maximum fun party that you would like to dance to right away.

The disciplines where you measure yourself against 60 other players are ingeniously self-explanatory. They started fast and ended just as fast, and the element of chance ensures that your own dexterity plays a role, but you do not automatically have no chance because there are players who have better control over their prayers. A low “skill ceiling” they call it, and in this game, for once, that’s why the game works.

There is no doubt that Media Tonic did so many things really conceptually and creatively that it is easy to understand the success of this game. And yet, it only took four or five rounds in the free-to-play version for me to realize that this success cannot last. No matter how nice it is to take the lead in a fun race and let your colleague Random help you, just as quickly the joy flattened out. For it is rare that one really deserves to be at the top.

At some point, it only takes one or two defeats in an early battle phase before the urge to try again disappears completely like a sugar cane. Balancing that balance between accessibility and sophistication is a very old problem, and the Fall Guys are still faltering a lot. Battle Royales has always done an excellent job with it, but there are simply several variables at stake here. Here, the random factor ensures that you have a good chance of not running into the rifle of a player with 3 K / D early.

Is a game that is the most fun in short rounds eligible for a season ticket?

Additionally, with a little loot luck and tactically clever moves across the map, you have every chance of winning or at least achieving a high ranking, even without the hummingbird reflexes and hand-eye coordination of an NBA shooter. In Fall Guys, you do not even see it because its players are thrown out in groups. Linking a rather ambitious revenue generation including a season ticket to a game with such a short half-life … I’m not sure if it will pay off.

Fall Guys’ availability is both its greatest strength and its kryptonite – and the reason why this game will not have very long legs. If I look at his protagonists like that, it’s probably only logical. But as a great philosopher once said: nothing is beautiful just because it lasts. Fall Guys draws more beauty than most other games from the short, intense outburst of harmless and ruthless fun. At the moment – and now and then in between, perhaps for a party with distant friends or relatives – that’s reason enough for me to leave it installed for now.

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