Electromagnetics Simulation Suite: Fast On-Chip Design


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Source: Ansys

Samsung uses Ansys electromagnetic simulation solutions to increase productivity and reduce design risk.

  • that Simulation solutions from Ansys for electromagnetics, Samsung engineers offer a comprehensive electromagnetic-compatible design flow designed to increase productivity and reduce design risk.
  • that Developer by Samsung take advantage of Ansys’ advanced capacity, speed and integration capabilities.
  • So they can Cycle times for electromagnetic designs Accelerates by a factor of 10 and reduces time to market
  • that Ansys design featuressuch as automatic annotation, is intended to optimize Samsung’s on-chip design through faster and more accurate calculations and modeling

Samsung foundry will simulation tools for electromagnetics (EM) from ansys to develop cutting-edge designs, including 5G / 6G, for the most advanced chips, nodes and process technologies. Ansys’ simulation solutions will deliver a comprehensive EM-aware design flow with increased capacity, speed and integration capability with Samsung’s semiconductor technology, accelerating on-chip design cycle times to increase high-speed connections while reducing design errors and risk.

Simulation solutions for electromagnetics: Develop faster and more precisely

Samsung’s developers want that EM design tools from Ansys, Ansys RaptorX, Ansys VeloceRF and Ansys Exalto to reduce time to market by two to three weeks for smaller designs and up to two months for complex designs. With automation features that streamline calculations and modeling, and increased capacity, Ansys software enables the Samsung team to evolve faster with higher accuracy.

“Electronic systems and process technologies are constantly evolving and therefore require state-of-the-art EM design skills,” says Sangyun Kim, corporate vice president of the foundry design technology team at Samsung Electronics. “We believe that Ansys’ simulation solutions meet these challenges and provide the highest level of competence for our design needs, while reducing time, cost and design risk.”

Complex on-chip scenarios possible

By integrating Ansys EM solutions, Samsung designers can model complex on-chip scenarios, including dummy tiles made up of millions of metal pieces, in a fraction of the time. In addition, Ansys’ modeling properties protect designs against EM interference in almost real-time. This significantly reduces the risk of chip failure.

“EM is one of the biggest challenges that chip designers face as connectivity requirements increase and technologies evolve worldwide,” says John Lee, Vice President and General Manager of the Electronics, Semiconductors and Optics business unit at ANSYS. At Ansys, we ensure that our simulation solutions not only meet these increasing requirements, but are actually at the forefront of them. We are confident that Ansys’ EM design portfolio is well positioned to provide the Samsung team with the tools they need to optimize their on-chip design. “

Ansys and Samsung have a long history of working together to deliver advanced solutions, including power integrity and power migration sign-off solutions for low-power and high-performance mobile computing applications.

Picture above: Samsung designers can model complex on-chip scenarios with Ansys’ electromagnetic simulation solution. Source Ansys

More information: https://www.ansys.com/

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