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Berlin, 13 July 2022

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New exhibition in the Historic Basement Gallery

The exhibition opens on July 21, 2022!

away 22.7.2022 is the new exhibition in the gallery Historische Keller
PrepAir. The true path to knowledge ” the artist Pia from the end to
open to visitors.

Brief information:

Pia from the end
PrepAir. The true path to knowledge
solo exhibition

Video, virtual reality (VR), room installation

Historic Basement Gallery | Carl-Schurz-Str. 49/51 | 13597 Berlin

22.7. – 11.9.2022


not handicap accessible

opening hours
We. – Son. 12.00 – 18.00

exhibition opening

July 21, 2022, from kl

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on July 21, 2022 from 7 pm in the gallery Historischer Keller.

Regards: Frank BewigDistrict Councilor and Dr. Jens Ole Reyhead of the historic basement gallery
Introduction: Mary Weber MA, curator of the exhibition

/ Free access

associated program

July 28, 2022, at 18.00

“Shall we talk?” in conversation with Pia from the end

As an extension of our training program, you are invited to our Art After Work format at the Citadel every last Thursday of the month. Changing guests such as artists, curators and museum staff will give you insight behind the scenes of museum operations, contextualise exhibition content and explain (art) historical backgrounds – from positions in contemporary art to confrontations with the past. The focus is on a relaxed exchange, stimulating discussions, informative conversations and a cultural start at the end of the day. So let’s sit back, turn on the synapses, stick out your tongue and activate the earphone – “Shell are we talking?”

/ Free access

FIG. I am a survivor, 2022 © Pia vom Ende
Source: Pia from the end

Pia from the end
PrepAir. The true path to knowledge
22.7. – 11.9.2022
Gallery Historic Basement

In everyday life, images of war, disease and environmental disasters meet flawless glamor worlds on social media. This collision of ambivalence destabilizes the understanding of reality beyond the digital. For without a clear separation of facts and falsehoods, the boundaries between reality and simulation are blurred, not only creating fertile ground for dystopian conspiracy theories, but also opening up false news and deep fakes for an expanding reach inside and outside the screens.

Based on this observation, Pia starts all over again in her work PrepAir. The true path to knowledge deal with the era of post-truth. In a VR-supported (video) work and spatial installations, she draws on the mechanisms and symbols of well-known conspiracy ideological groups, borrows elements from pop culture and operates with literary and art historical references. The artist examines the relationship between primal fear and conspiratorial mechanisms, and how these contribute to the formation and disruption of cultural-historical memories using recurring motifs.

As a historically complex place, the historic basement gallery with its labyrinthine architecture is the central starting point for artistic VR work. Pia vom Ende lets the real space expand into the digital and gives visitors exclusive access to unknown levels in the basement. This is managed Deep dive into the rabbit hole of mysterious, cartoon-like creatures. While “wake-up calls” are sent from the digital other world, installations in front of the red brick look like extraterrestrial objects.

Curator: Maria Weber MA

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