Children and Youth Theater: The Children and Youth Theater in Work with People Theaters eV in Hassloch celebrates its KiJuThea festival

After two years without a stage, the children’s and youth theater academy arranges a weekend full of theater, where the academy’s 3 groups – Miniklecks, Kleks and KuK – will present their plays to their audience.
The children themselves have developed all the pieces and are very happy to show their results live after the long Corona silence.
The WWP Theater cordially invites all fans and friends to this event.

Mini Blobs “The Evil Onkola”
Own play “Der Böse Onkola” tells an adventurous story about cats and a panther, which one day ends up together in a large garbage dump. Everything changes when the evil Onkola appears.
The 16.7. 10.30 in Blaubär / Hassloch

Blob “You’re not the only one” crazy comedy
Klecksler’s new own production entitled “You are not the only one” takes the viewer to Monaco and into Crown Prince Alin Naga’s unique family. Incredible situations happen with a surprising ending.
The 16.7. 14 pm
17.7. at 15.00 Blaubär / Hassloch

KuK “When nothing becomes important, it becomes important for nothing”
Fantasy piece (own production)
When Lana found out that her best friend Fren was in big trouble, she decided to help her anyway. For what else do you have friends for? But this task turns out to be very difficult and dangerous, they encounter the worst beings in the history of mankind. You only have limited time to get everything back in order. Do they succeed?

The 16.7. at 5 p.m.
17.7. at 19:00

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