Tonies Toniebox Starter Set: reduced audio player for kids on Amazon Prime Day


The tonie boxes and figures delight children with radio games and easy operation and are suitable as gifts. On Amazon Prime Day, you can save a lot on your purchase.

Toniebox offers parents a playful solution, such as children can listen to their favorite radio games, audiobooks and music independently. Put a Tonie figure on the box and you’re off. For the basic set, you usually pay a one-time fee of 99.95 euros. It contains the box as well as a creative Tonie, which you can freely fill with content yourself. On Amazon Prime Day, you save when you buy the base set.

tonies toniebox starter set incl. 1 creative figure

€ 74.96

€ 99.95-25%

on Amazon


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  • 7 hours battery life

  • Including 1 creative figure

The starter kit for Toniebox includes the box itself with a 7-hour battery and a creative figure to play with yourself. The set usually costs almost 100 euros, at Amazon you can get it in a short time for 75 euros.

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The various colors and cute shapes make the system popular with children and coveted Christmas gifts or birthday gifts by parents, grandparents and the like.

what you can hear

The Tonies offers you a rich selection of audiobooks and radio games from various franchises as well as songs and bedtime songs. We have put together a selection for you.

Anne coffee pot Disney Petronella apple puree
the elephant Benjamin Strawberry small strawberry fairy Pettersson and Findus
Bibi Blocksberg Firefighter sam Pippi Longstocking
Bibi and Tina Five friends Princess lillifee
Builder Bob Hanni and Nanni Pumuckl
connie Heidi The little raven sock
the little ghost Despicable Me The robber Hotzenplotz
The Sami Janosh Knight Rust
Gruffeloen Jim Button Rolf Zuckowski
The little dragon coconut Captain Sharky shock
Little Hui Boo Masha and the bear large wings
The little Prince mole Tabaluga
bien Maja Mouse TKKG Junior
The three!!! miffy Our sandman
The three??? east wind What is what
The three question marks children Paw Patrol What’s what Junior
the little witch Peppa Pig Wickie
Olchies Peter Haase and his friends Yakari

Tonie franchise (selection)

This is how Tonies works

So Tonieboxes are magical? Not quite. Modern streaming technology is hidden behind children’s toys. The box must have a WLAN connection when used for the first time. The box recognizes the different characters via NFC technology and loads the stories and songs from the cloud.

If you put the notes on the box, play the contents, you take the figure down, the box pauses. When the content is fully loaded, Toniebox also works without an internet connection and can be used anywhere.

The Creative Tonies

The creative Tonies, on the other hand, give you free rein with the sound content. Because you can play at will. Stories or lullabies that you have recorded yourself can be thought of here, but your favorite radio games and audiobooks that you own can also be transferred. The Creative Tonies give you space for 90 minutes of shooting.

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