Peccala: automated and tokenized boat trading

Automated bots trading seems to make life easy. Soon you will have the opportunity to let an AI do the work for you. Then you are no longer forced to deal with investments.

The Peccala platform calls itself “the world’s first tokenized crypto-robo investor service” with its new offering.

Although trading bots is not a foreign concept in itself, this easy-to-understand platform for retail investors is something new. The crypto investment platform has announced the launch within the next two months and promises a return of 80%. This promise holds despite the cryptocurrency crash.

The company bills itself as the world’s first fully automated crypto investment platform. “Peccala is for those who do not want to deal with the complexity of the crypto landscape. We are on a mission to change the way people invest. Everyone should have access to useful products and technologies for profitable crypto-investment. “

According to the platform, neither time nor skills are required. Users only pay a success fee on the winnings. “If we do not make money for you, we do not charge a fee. You can also withdraw money at any time as there is no lockout period. You only invest in a tax-friendly token yourself. “

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Peccala’s automated token

To keep tax matters simple, users purchase Peccala tokens through the platform. The platform’s algorithmic trading engine then manages the deposited funds 24/7.

Users’ Peccala tokens are updated in real time to reflect the return on investment. In addition, you can redeem your USD value at any time. All deposited funds are stored in an individual wallet on the Binance Smart Chain, as are all purchased Peccala tokens. “

JJ Jones is a co-founder. “We built Peccala to make investing in cryptocurrency easier, safer and as hassle-free as possible for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or just starting out. And since our trading engine works just as well in a bear market as in a bull market, we are truly the ultimate crypto-hedge. “

Research and development

According to their own statements, the platform’s algorithms are based on 5 years of research and development. “Peccala’s trading engine is constantly analyzing the cryptocurrency market. It uses proprietary techniques to assess trends in over 120 cryptocurrencies and make trades automatically every hour. By investing in futures, the trading engine is able to take both long and short trades, allowing Peccala investors to make money even on a downward trend. Under the current cryptocurrency, Peccala has achieved over 80% return with the high-risk strategy. “

There will soon be lower risk strategies if you do not trust the process yet. And you can start with as little as $ 200. Both the high-risk and medium-risk strategies are available now. If you are convinced, you can be put on a waiting list here.

But even if all of this sounds great, remember that you can still lose all of your effort. So invest only what you are willing to lose.


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