Maltese Gröbenzell: Help for grieving children and young people – Fürstenfeldbruck

The death of a close relative or a serious accident: Children and young people also have traumatic experiences with loss and grieve accordingly. The Maltese now wants to take care of those affected. For the first time, they offer grief support to children and young people. According to a press release from the social association, the offer is unique in the area of ​​the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. Grief support is provided by volunteers either in a group or in one-on-one care. In the next few years, according to the Maltese, the offer will also be extended to the Dachau district.

First aid for the soul

The idea of ​​also helping grieving children and young people is based on the experiences of the crisis response team in Gröbenzell. This team is an integral part of the rescue service and takes care of people after psychologically traumatic experiences such as serious accidents, the sudden death of a relative or suicide. The helpers from the crisis intervention team provided “first aid to the soul,” says Carmen Sturz, leader of the team since 2016.

According to Sturz, there is a great need for grief support because there is a lack of an offer in the district that deals with children and young people’s long-term grief. The volunteers in the crisis response team have always noticed this when a child or young person needed long-term help for their own grief process. The team that provides emergency assistance cannot handle this, says Sturz. Those affected then had to contact organizations in Munich. The Maltese want to change that, in the future it will be possible to provide mourning support in the district.

The Maltese have their rescue station in Gröbenzell.

(Photo: Voxbrunner Carmen)

Sturz stresses that the offer of grief support does not only exist to deal with the consequences of sudden events or even depends on the deployment of the crisis response team. The slow death process of grandparents can also have serious psychological effects, where support from helpers is an advantage. Even in such a case, the Maltese wants to be the point of contact in the future.

More volunteers are wanted

Gröbenzellerne starts the new offer of help with two volunteers. According to the fall, the two are trained for the task: “We are well prepared for the beginning.” But the goal is to build a bigger team. But it also depends on whether the Maltese can find volunteers who make themselves available for the task. Helpers are also being sought, not only for the Fürstenfeldbruck district, but also for the Dachau, after all, the neighboring district belongs to the Gröbenzell Malteser area. There should also be grief support for children and young people there as soon as enough helpers have been found.

Grief support should take place in groups or only between the person and their caregiver. The Maltese came up with two offers because there are children and young people who find it easier to talk about their concerns and needs in groups, and there are those who will only confide in a single person, Sturz says. The age differences should also be taken into account in the various offers. One certainly does not want to put a six-year-old together with a group of 16-year-olds, Sturz says.

Information on death support offers is available from Malteser Hilfsdienst at Wildmoosstraße 30 in Gröbenzell, by telephone on 08142 / 5968-46 or by e-mail at Alexandra Obertreis and Thomas Braun are also contact persons for persons who wish to volunteer for grief support or donate to the service.

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