Musikverein Sulz: Children and Neckar festival starts on Friday – Sulz & surroundings

The fairgrounds are already being beaten. Hans Guhring hopes for good weather for the Neckar and the Children’s Festival. Photo: Steinmetz

Preparations for the Sulz Children’s and Neckar Festival are already in full swing. However, the festival will be a little different this year.

Sulz – 235 years Hannikel curse: Hans Guhring does not hope that the children’s and neckar festival will be rained on next weekend. “We need nice weather,” hopes the chairman of the Sulzer Musikverein after a two-year Corona break. Musikverein is acutely dependent on the proceeds of this great event.

Children’s relocation has been canceled

Wöhrd was busy last Friday morning. The parking lot was cleaned with the sweeper. A construction worker hit the lawn, on which the pole for the awning already stands. Since 2005, it has worked well as a replacement for a tent at Neckar and the children’s festival.

But it continues for years: it was repaired in 2019 and the event had to be canceled the following year due to the corona pandemic. It is also because of the virus, which is still very much present, that the children’s parade was canceled on Monday 18 July.

The club plays safe

As the festival was planned for the beginning of the year, it was not possible to predict whether the conditions would allow a move. “So we decided on it from the start,” Hans Guhring said at the press conference on Friday. The children’s festival starts at 2 pm on the Wöhrd and is, as Guhring emphasizes, “open to all children” – even those who have grown out of childhood.

However, access is regulated for the participants, so there is not too much crowding at the start of the festival. The buses with the young actors therefore arrive at different times.


The new thing this year at Neckar and Børnefestivalen is that visitors must get their own drinks and food. Self-service is in no way intended to save staff. On the other hand, there was no staff to serve the guests, Guhring explains.

Especially for the children’s festival on Monday, the day with the highest turnover, the music club needs many people. “We did not manage to get hold of the waitresses,” regrets Guhring. Now a virtue of necessity has been made: five ticket boxes will be set up on the festival site. Guhring assumes that this number is sufficient and that there will be no traffic jams.

Kick-off on Friday

An alternative would have been to hire a service agency. Musikverein has already tried it. With negative experiences: “We are burnt children.” Otherwise, the club has enough helpers to handle the event. “A lot of people have been doing this for years,” Guhring says. Construction begins next Wednesday.

The festivities then start on Friday 15 July from 18.00 with squat after work. “The Band” provides music from kl. Guhring knows that the ensemble of Musikverein Sulz rehearsed a lot. But the program is still a bit secretive. After the forced Corona break, the “band” was strongly motivated to play in front of an audience again.

loss on Saturday

The official barrel tapping is Saturday, July 16 at 7:30 p.m. Afterwards, the winners of this year’s Father’s Day station walk will receive their prizes. From 8 pm it is up to the AH-Musik Reiß-Aus Frohnstetten to get the guests in the mood. The band consists of playing football players. Everyone who shows up for the festival in an AH jersey at 9pm gets a free beer.

The neckar party begins on Sunday at 10 am with an ecumenical service. Then the youth band has a half hour performance. The music clubs Sigmarswangen, Witteshausen and the accordion orchestra of the music club Sulz offer further entertainment.

Many attractions

Mayor Gerd Hieber opens his last children’s festival on Monday 18 July. Traditionally, the song “Geh aus mein Herz” is sung, this time by the Schillerhöhe kindergarten, accompanied by a wind ensemble from Musikverein. Then a colorful stage program starts. In the city park there are free attractions, including the climbing trees, the sausage gallows and a play street, as well as an amusement park. At the end of the festival, the city band will entertain under the direction of Edin Pasalic.

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