30 things that children can experience on holiday in Berlin

By Anja Opitz

Summer, sun, holiday time! And it can also be really nice for the approximately 400,000 Berlin holiday children at home, because the summer in the capital has a lot to offer – for water lovers, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, creative people and of course also for connoisseurs.

With these tips, you and your children are guaranteed not to be bored of the six-week school holiday – have fun!

Vacations can be so creative

In the air
Equipped with a microphone and recording device, children from the age of 10 make a radio report about the democracy exhibition as reporters from the Jugendmuseet.
Registration at mail@jugendmuseum.de
When? 18./19.7. and 15/16 August at 11.00 to 15.00 Where? Hauptstrasse 40/42, Schöneberg. Free of charge

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In the 5-day workshop “Fashion Atelier” in the yellow villa, bags, pillows, hugs and accessories are sewn from discarded clothes.

Registration via www.die-gelbe-villa.de
When? 18.-22. July at 10.00-14.00 Where? Wilhelmshöhe 10, Kreuzberg. Free of charge

Out in the studio
In the colonnaded courtyard on Museumsøen, young artists and their families are invited to paint, model, make collages and much more. m. The activities start every hour, last 120 minutes, lead first to the museums and then to the outdoor studio.
Online booking via www.smb.museum.
When? 12.7. – 20.8., Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 12, 13 and 14. Where? Bodestrasse 1-3, Mitte. Costs? 10 euros / family

Workshop under the canopy
Skovskolen Plänterwald invites children from 6 years, young people and families to try old craft techniques such as basket weaving and carving.
When? July 15 at 10.00 to 13.00 Where? Dammweg 1b, Treptow. Costs? 3.50 euros / children, 5 euros / adults

Listen carefully!
In the media competence center CIA, holiday children from the age of 9 can make their own radio game.
When? 19/20 July at 15.00 to 18.00 Where? Racknitzer Steig 10, Spandau. Free of charge

At ANOHA, children can marvel at animals made from everyday objects Photo: Yves Sucksdorf

Tell me!
In the ANOHA holiday camp, the Jewish Museum’s Children’s Museum, children aged 8 to 10 can immerse themselves creatively in the story of Noah’s Ark in 4-day workshops.
Tickets at www.anoha.de/feriencamp-august-2022.
When? 9.-12.8. and 16. – 19. August at 9.00–13.00 Where? ANOHA, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohnplatz 1, Kreuzberg. Costs? 90 euros including lunch and drinks

There’s movement in here!

Action on rolling boards
In the park at Gleisdreieck, skateboarders and stunt scooters can practice their tricks on various obstacles.
When? Anytime. Where? Park am Gleisdreieck, between Möckernstrasse, Kurfürstenstrasse and Yorkstrasse, Kreuzberg. Free of charge

Climb up in bird’s eye view
On the Jungfernheide right ridge you can discover the forest from above – after you have tried your climbing skills.
When? Tuesday – Friday 11.00-19.00, Sat / Sun. 9.00 – 20.00 Where? Heckerdamm 260, Charlottenburg. Costs? From 21 euros / person

You can walk high up in the high ropes course of the Jungfernheide forest

You can walk high up in the high ropes course of the Jungfernheide forest Photo: PantherMedia / Arne Trautmann

table tennis
Table tennis is perfect for families because it’s so wonderfully easy to organize – provided you know where the next public table is. An interactive map www.pingpongmap.net helps

► Explore the raging world
From North America to Africa and Europe to Asia – at the world playground in Treptower Park, children can climb, glide and balance for hours and overcome all limits. If you get really hungry, just eat tarte flambée or bratwurst in the “Zenner” next door.
When? Anytime. Where? Bulgarian Street, Treptow. Free of charge

► With momentum into the hole
Citygolf Berlin in the Marzahn has 18 mini golf courses with varying degrees of difficulty. Introductory courses are offered for newcomers.
When? Tuesday – Friday 13.00-20.00, Sat / Sun. 11-20. Where? Wittenberger Strasse 50, Marzahn. Costs? From 4.50 euros / person / game

► Trimming in the park
Indoor sports in the summer? Neither children nor parents will. At www.trimm-dich-pfad.com you can search for park sports facilities in your area and complete a workout together – for free!

Holiday with pleasure

Popcorn under the starry sky
What child does not like watching movies? If there is popcorn and it all takes place outdoors in the evening, it is guaranteed to be a highlight of the holiday – so let’s go to Berlin’s open-air cinemas! (Overview: www.openair-kino.net) MondLichtFest, which traditionally takes place on the last Saturday of the holiday in the open-air cinema Friedrichshain, is particularly beautiful. This year, the adventure film “My Friend the Pirate” is shown.
When? 20.8. Where? Ernst-Zinna-Weg, Friedrichshain. Costs? 7 euros

For berry hunger
Diligent harvest workers in the Oranienburg berry garden can put strawberries, currants and blueberries directly in the basket or straight in the mouth.
When? daily 10.00 to 18.00 Where? Tiergartenstrasse 254, 16515 Oranienburg. Costs? Picking is free, the berries are weighed.

So and so
Ice is as much a part of summer as the sun. Of course, it also tastes good at home, but going to their favorite ice cream parlor is always something special for kids. The city’s gourmets quarrel about where the ice cream tastes best. The little ones do not care – the most important thing is sweet and preferably with sprinkles!

During the holidays, maybe two or three scoops of ice cream

During the holidays, maybe two or three scoops of ice cream Photo: Christian Lohse

► First look, then snack
In the candy store in Heckmannhöfe, candy is boiled over a fire and handmade. Those with a sweet tooth can see the production – and then enjoy it.
When? Please call to hear about production times (Tel .: 44 055 243) Where? Oranienburger Strasse 32, city center. Costs? It costs nothing to see, buy it

water picnic
Pack bread, sausages, biscuits and drinks along with, of course, a blanket and swimming trunks – let’s go on a picnic, e.g. B. on the Havelchaussee in a bay. Children climb trees and run in the water, adults relax on the rug.

pure nature

Expedition into the snake pit
It sounds like a fairy tale, and it is! There are more than 300 plants, birds, lizards and snakes to be discovered in the 13.5 hectare and 30 m deep pit in Grunewald.
When? Anytime. Where? It can be reached via the Schildhornweg from Grunewald S-Bahn station. Free of charge

► Completely blown backwards
In the barefoot park of the Beelitz sanatorium, the path leads over pebbles, beech nuts, cones and much more. one. – a feeling that you will soon forget!
When? Mon. – Fri. 9.00 to 18.00, Sat / Sun. 9.00 – 19.00 Where? Street to Fichtenwalde 13, 14547 Beelitz. Costs? 8.50 euros / 6.50 reduced Tip: From kl. 9.00 to 10.30 you pay 2 euros less.

► Explore the world of birds
On a walk around Ökowerk Berlin, holiday children with or without parents can explore the colorful bird world of Grunewald.
Registration at info@oekowerk.de. When? 31.7., 7.30 – 9.30. Where? Teufelsseechaussee 22, Grunewald. Costs? 4 euro / 3 euro conc.

With a little patience you can see moufflons in the public park Rehberge

With a little patience you can see moufflons in the public park Rehberge Photo: picture alliance / Zoonar

explore the forest floor
As field researchers, holiday children aged 8 to 10 have the task of getting to know the earth as a habitat in the glass laboratory. They collect soil animals, leaves, fruits and soil samples and take a closer look at it all. Registration via www.forscherferien-berlin.de.
When? August 11 at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Where? Campus Berlin-Buch, Robert-Rössle-Str. 10, bog. Costs? 25 euros

► Extremely good
At the Alt-Marzahn Zoo, children can watch domestic animals from horses to ducks and learn interesting facts about their species-specific breeding.
When? Mon. – Fri. 8.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.45, Sat / Sun. 11.00-15.00. Where? Alt-Marzahn 63, Marzahn. Free of charge

Mouflon and deer on the trail
In Volkspark Rehberge there are not only many playgrounds, but also a game reserve with mouflons and deer. With a little luck, you can even see deer.
When? Anytime. Where? Windhuker Str. 52A, Wedding. Free of charge

Holiday fun for water lovers

sea ​​adventures
Swim, splash, lie on the rug and look at the sky – it’s the pure summer feeling! Fortunately, there are lakes all over the city – from Schlachtensee in the west to Kaulsdorfer See in the east. If you have the time and desire, you can combine bathing fun with a trip to the surrounding area. Wonderfully lonely is the Summer See, many romantic seaside resorts on the Straussee (Märkisch-Oderland).

Full steam in the cool water
The 52 meter long water slide at Orankesee lido inspires children just as much as the playground, table tennis tables, volleyball court and french fries – everything you need for a perfect holiday!
Where? Gertrudstr. 7, Hohenschoenhausen. When? daily 10-19. Costs? 6 euro / 4 euro conc.

Mega fun: on the long roller coaster into the Orankesee

Mega fun: on the long roller coaster into the Orankesee Photo: Harald Thierlein

Surfing without wind
Climb up the board, keep your balance, paddle forward – stand-up paddling (SUP) is fun for kids too! There are enough boards e.g. B. at Stand-Up Paddler at Schlachtensee.
When? daily 8.00 – 20.00 Where? Fischerhütte beach, Fischerhüttenstraße 136, Zehlendorf. Costs? 15 euros / hour / catering

► Midsummer evenings at Wannsee
Are you going to work, but do you want to swim with your kids after work? Admission to Wannsee lido is free from 7pm, you can frolic through the water until 8pm. Afterwards, you can end the evening romantically on the beach – the pool closes at 10pm.
When? daily 10.00 – 22.00 Where? Wannseebadweg 25, Zehlendorf. Costs? 5.50 euros / 3.50 euros red.

Sailing around the island
At Kanuliebe you can rent canoes, kayaks and pedal boats and take a trip around the Insel der Jugend or explore the city from the Spree.
When? Mon. – Sat. 12.00 to 20.00, Sun. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Where? Canoe Love, Alt-Treptow 6, Treptow. Costs? From 20 euros / 2 hours (1-person kayak) up to 34 euros / 2 hours (4-person pedal boats)

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messing around
The wooden water playground in the park at Gleisdreieck has not only a climbing area with slides, swings and bridges, but also a water area with three pumps and a giant mud table. That way, the playground is also fun for the not quite small anymore.
When? Anytime. Where? Möckernstrasse, Kreuzberg. Free of charge

And if it rains?
Then there is still plenty of water fun with slides, wave pool, rain shower and more. m. in the adventure pool TURM in Oranienburg.
When? Sun-Thurs. 9.00 to 20.00, Fri / Sat. 9.00 – 10.00 Where? André-Pican-Strasse 42, 16515 Oranienburg. Costs? Miscellaneous Rates from 11 euros

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