Summer holidays Berlin 2022: The best holiday tips for children and families – which offers are free

Children and young people will find a large selection of holiday activities in Berlin this summer. You can become an artist, circus artist or game designer, immerse yourself in the world of classical music or astronauts or record your own music clips. Here are the best deals:

What FEZ has to offer

For children who do not travel far, there is play and swimming fun in the Wuhlheide in Berlin-Köpenick. From July 9, FEZ invites children from the age of six and their companions to the new program “Adventure and me (e) hr” for six weeks (except Mondays). On the 30,000 square meter plot, children can try their hand at making bonfires and archery, rafting or building a water main in the sand desert on four activity islands around the bathing lake.

Participants can examine insects under a magnifying glass under the guidance of professionals, conduct archaeological investigations or put together their own circus program.

The day ticket (7 euros) for the “island adventure” is valid for the first time this year, including swimming fun. In addition, there are several four-day workshops on space and blogging. All information and events at fez-berlin

Summer holiday program in the Gardens of the World

From 12 July to 16 August 2022, there will also be a summer holiday program every Tuesday and two Saturdays in the World Garden. On a trip to the Marzahn plant show, families can immerse themselves in strings and pickers with violins, viola, cellos and the like. Kids can take a first aid class, dance like Disney cartoon characters and participate in experiments.

The free programs take place outdoors. Parents are welcome to join. A tip: The summer holiday ticket is worthwhile for access to the Garden of the World. The special day ticket is available from 7 July to 19 August 2022 every Monday and Tuesday in the staffed ticket offices on site and costs 7 euros for an adult plus child, including the cable car.

All information about the summer holiday program and online registration can be found at

Outdoor study on Museumsøen

During the long holidays, the pillar courtyard on Museumsøen is also transformed into an open-air studio. The idea behind: First we go to a museum and then children, young people and adults can become artists themselves and paint, model and make collages at tables outside.

From July 12 to August 20, the campaigns start every hour on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12.00, 13.00 and 14.00. For children and young people, the State Museums offer several-day workshops on topics such as urban archeology, radio games or photography. All offers at

Skate courses for beginners and advanced

During the summer holidays, the youth club in Drop In eV skaterhallen on Revaler Strasse 99 in Friedrichshain is open from Monday to Friday from kl. Young people from the age of 12 can just stop by, enjoy themselves in the outdoor area and take advantage of leisure activities. There are, among other things, skate sessions for beginners and experienced in the skate hall, art workshops or communal cooking.

Playstation, table football, table tennis etc. are also available free of charge and without registration. Young people who have their own ideas and want to arrange a summer party or their own projects, for example, can simply contact the support team on site. More information at

Experiments in the museum park

The Berlin Museum of Technology at the Kreuzberger Gleisdreieck is also focusing on its 12-hectare outdoor area this summer. During the holiday weeks, there are several practical activities and family trips from Tuesday to Sunday, most of which do not require prior registration. Among other things, young visitors can print plant motifs outdoors or learn how to program a robot. The spectacular experiments in the Science Center Spectrum, where there is usually knocking and steaming, also take place on a stage in the museum park. In addition, smaller children can also test unusual vehicles on a traffic lane.

The spectacular experiments in the Science Center Spectrum will take place on a stage in the museum park at the Technikmuseum in Berlin-Kreuzberg during the summer holidays of 2022.

The spectacular experiments in the Science Center Spectrum will take place on a stage in the museum park at the Technikmuseum in Berlin-Kreuzberg during the summer holidays of 2022.
© Photo: Clemens Kirchner

Additional tips: Due to its great success, the special exhibition “Madness – Illegal Car Racing. How do we stop the madness of speed?” in Ladestraße at the Technikmuseum extended until 28 August. The detailed program at

You do not play with food – except in the computer museum

A special exhibition in the computer game museum in Friedrichshain, on the other hand, is currently devoted to the relationship between food and games. Games also treat the need for food as an element that creates tension in the form of game mechanics, for example by saving the character from hunger in a barren environment. The most famous glutton in video game history is also there – Pac Man, who turned 40 in May 2020.

The computer museum at Karl-Marx-Allee 93a with additional exhibition areas on various topics is open daily from 10.00 to 20.00 and costs 9 euros, reduced 6 euros admission. All information at

Make pizza like the Italians do

A workshop in the “Children’s Museum under the roof” in the old malt house in Lichtenrade teaches you to cook properly. During the summer holidays, young visitors can prepare a climate-friendly pizza under professional guidance every Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and at the same time learn a few words of Italian.

In addition, the small museum on Steinstraße 41, which houses exhibitions on healthy eating and environmental protection, also offers free yoga and handicraft courses for children between the ages of 8 and 12 during the summer holidays. All information at

Design your own clothes

“GoodLab” in Kreuzbergs Prinzenstraße offers a free workshop for children aged 10 to 14 on the subject of textile design and fair clothing. From 15 to 19 August, participants can work on their own fashion ideas. The kids get to know the rock plotter and immerse themselves in graphic programs, among other things. All production steps from design draft to printing the finished graphic are performed. Finally, participants can take home all their own products, such as a T-shirt they have printed or accessories. You are welcome to bring your own clothes, bags or other accessories and decorate in the workshop.

In the Technikmuseum Berlin's museum garden, school children can, among other things, print plant motifs during the summer holidays of 2022.

In the Technikmuseum Berlin’s museum garden, school children can, among other things, print plant motifs during the summer holidays of 2022.
© Photo: Clemens Kirchner

However, there are still vacancies in three-day workshops on topics such as Green City and robots. The number of participants is limited and quick registration at good-lab is required.

Design your own video games

Children who have always wanted to develop their own video game are in the right place at the “Game Design – Your Jump & Run” workshop (9 to 11 August 2022, 10 am to 3 pm) at the “Metek” media center in Pankow . Participants from the age of 10 become game designers themselves and develop a brand new 2D Jump & Run in pixel graphic style together with other creative brains. The children and young people decide for themselves what role they want to play

For example, you can create backgrounds or bring characters to life as a pixel artist, build exciting passages as a level designer, or determine opponents’ behaviors as codes. The developed games can then even be played on your own smartphone or tablet.

For all that, you only have to pay eight euros for materials and snacks. Registration at: Those interested can find the entire program at

Graffiti workshop and video recording

In the “Weinmeisterhaus”, a youth culture house in Mitte, children from the age of 8 can develop their own dance video, make cartoons or participate in a graffiti workshop in a holiday offer of several days. But there are also regular open ceramics and graphics workshops. In the “studio for the whole family”, children from the age of 5 can experiment with colors, pencils and everyday materials with or without supervision under the guidance of artists. All dates at

Fake workshop in the Museum of Communication

The Museum of Communication Berlin in Mitte has put together a colorful and slightly crazy program for children aged 5 to 12 for the summer holiday weeks. Every Tuesday to Thursday, visitors are invited to visit the counterfeit workshop, try out secret inks, try out the art of printing or draw comics on the iPad. YouTube clips and podcasts are also produced under supervision.

The program in the museum on Leipziger Strasse in Mitte starts on 12 July. Information and registration at The number of participants is limited. Children have free admission to the museum and only have to pay a material fee of 1.50. But parents and grandparents can also participate. All dates on

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