According to Postbank, Lübeck and Ostholstein are particularly expensive

Lübeck. Postbank presented this year’s housing atlas and compared what home ownership costs regionally. Data from 2021 were used to calculate the average income share to be paid in neighborhoods or cities for the loan payment of a 70 square meter apartment.

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The districts of Stormarn and Lauenburg favorable

Result: In Schleswig-Holstein, the district of Ostholstein and the Hanseatic city of Lübeck fall into the most expensive category (more than 22.5 per cent of household income), as does the district of Nordfriesland with the islands of Sylt, Föhr and Amrum. It is a little cheaper with 17.5 to 20 percent in the Segeberg district. In the Stormarn and Duchy of Lauenburg districts, it is 15 to 17.5 percent.

Differences within regions

There are still clear differences within the regions, which Nora Höke, Deputy CEO of Lübeck’s Home and Landowners’ Association, makes clear. “The attraction is particularly high in Lübeck’s Old Town and on the East Holstein coast.” It will be correspondingly more expensive.

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In fact, Postbank, in response to questions from LN, confirmed that in Lübeck, according to the 2021 model calculation, even 27.8 percent of disposable household income should be spent on interest and installments. In Østholsten, it was 29.3 per cent. In Hamburg even 36.3 pct. With these costs, many consumers are struggling.

One third of the salary for housing

“According to a rule of thumb, housing must not cost more than 30 percent of the household’s disposable income,” writes Postbank. At no extra cost, the 25 percent mark applies. But for Michael Herte, head of the market, law and financial services department at the Schleswig-Holstein Consumer Advice Center, it is clear: “Anyone who lives in a rather expensive region and does not earn above average must pay more than 30, – percentage of their monthly net salary. ” It is important that the cost of living can still be covered.

Rent or buy?

Anyone who is now wondering whether to buy or rent will get the following advice from Herte: “Anyone who has enough equity, ie about 20 percent of the purchase price and the additional costs of the broker, notary and property transfer fee and can ensure that the property also will be available in can be used as property for the next ten years meets the basic requirements for solid financing. ”

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The question of whether it is worth more to buy or rent can ultimately only be answered individually, says Höke. “It all depends on whether the property is to be used by the buyer himself, whether you want to commit to a location for a longer period of time and of course, how much freehold value is available.”

Focus: Better to rent in Lübeck

But according to a Focus calculation, renting in many places is said to be cheaper in the long run than buying. This is the case on Herring as well as in Lübeck and Ostholstein, but not in the districts of the Duchy of Lauenburg, Segeberg and Stormarn or in Kiel and Flensburg. This follows, among other things, from the calculation of the rental price development, the credit and maintenance costs and the resale value.

Demand is falling, interest rates are rising

Demand for residential properties is currently falling again, which also has an impact on price increases, says Peter Wagner, spokesman for the real estate association IVD Nord. For the past ten years, the purchase of real estate has been favored by high demand and low interest rates, but now a drastic rise in interest rates is slowing down the trend.

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In fact, the building rate has almost quadrupled since the beginning of the year, explains Ingo Foitzik, CEO of construction financing at Check 24 Term. ” In any case, the average mortgage lending will increase in price by a few thousand euros within the term of the loan. end of this year.

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