VW Amarok (2022): Does the new pick-up have what it takes to dust off?

Presentation and market launch: First deliveries before the end of 2022

The strengths of the previous VW Amarok (2010 to 2020) were the class-typical suspension comfort (at least in the version with lower payload), the brakes and the available permanent four-wheel drive. There was otherwise only with the Mitsubishi L200 and it faded Land Rover Defender pickup and Mercedes X class.


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Now Wolfsburg enters the second round – and the new one will not be a rumbling pick-up just for die-hards. Its technology comes from the Ford Ranger, which will be released in a new edition in 2022. From the end of 2022, the first examples of the new Amarok will also be on the way to dealers.

Design and dimensions: the new Amarok will be significantly more powerful

Specification in the specifications: no compromises in terms of climbing ability; the wading depth is increased by 30 to 800 mm. And he should like one VW see. Thus, VW only takes over roofs, windows and details such as door handles and side mirrors Ford. Everything under the waist is unique, even the doors are designed differently.
VW Amarok Pan Americana 4Motion

Shorter overhangs than before, the leaf-sprung rigid axle remains in favor of the payload.

Basically, the design of the Amarok has changed significantly. the new one is now more expressive and confident than its predecessor, a redesigned front with upright bonnet and the horizontally adjusted crossbars on the radiator grille emphasize the VW affiliation.

The basic version is simply called Amarok, followed by “Life” and “Style”, the top characters “PanAmericana” (off-road-oriented) and “Aventura” (design variant with styling rod). LED headlights are standard on board, in the higher equipment even matrix LED headlights “IQ.LIGHT“.

The new Amarok is getting narrower

Unlike the first Amarok, whose platform dimensions corresponded to the pallets usual in South America, the new one is based on euro pallets. Contrary to the trend, VW is getting narrower, the width shrinks by 34 mm to 1.91 meters – which is hard to believe given the massive look.

VW Amarok Pan Americana 4Motion

Digs better than ever: The new Amarok can be ordered with permanent four-wheel drive, reduction and rear axle lock.

In length, it has increased by almost ten centimeters to 5.35 meters and in height by about five centimeters to up to 1.89 meters. The wheelbase has increased by 173 mm, primarily to benefit the rear legroom.

Dimensions at a glance:

• Length: 5350mm
• Width: 1910mm
• Height: up to 1888 mm (depending on the wheel and tire combination)
• Wheelbase: 3270 mm
• Calf depth: 800 mm

Interior and equipment: Leather-clad instrument panel at extra cost

The interior of the Amarok clearly presents itself as a VW. Behind the wheel is an 8-inch digital cockpit, with the “Style” equipment and up there are even ten installed. The center console continues with a 10-inch screen, which is also larger from “Style” onwards (12 inches). Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are always on board.

VW Amarok 4Motion
The interior is high quality and digital with an optional central display of up to 12 inches.

For a surcharge, it offers ten-way adjustable electric seats, inductive charging, mobile online services, keyless go, Harman Kardon hi-fi, even a leather-covered instrument panel is on the surcharge list. Eye-catching: the overhead helicopter-style console switches.

In Germany it can only be ordered as a double cabin

The only visible Ford takeover is the off-road technological operation via rotary switch for the driving programs, on top of fixed buttons for four-wheel stop and reduction. If the semi-permanent four-wheel drive is mounted via a slat clutch, this can be locked regardless of whether the reduction is activated.

A rear axle lock can also be ordered for the new Amarok at an additional cost. The version with permanent four-wheel drive can also be ordered with reduction gear – this combination did not exist with the Amarok I.

VW Amarok 4Motion

Different driving modes can be set using a rotary knob. The four-wheel drive must always provide optimal traction.

Only Doka (double cab) comes to us, the powerful version also flew out of the list; there is only one setup with a payload of 1.2 tons. Convincing in the seat test: The rear backrest is not as steep as in other pickups.

Engines and drives: Four and six cylinders in the Amarok

VW also uses the Ford shelf under the bonnet. The new VW Amarok comes with a choice of four-cylinder or V6 turbodiesel (170 hk and 405 Nm to 241 hk and 600 Nm). There is a range of gearboxes from five-speed manual to the typical Ford ten-speed automatic converter and wheels from 18 to 21 inches.

VW Amarok 4Motion

The meaty front comes with a raised hood and always with LED headlights, in the highest configurations Matrix LED technology.

There is also a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that has a displacement of 2.3 liters and up to 302 hk and 452 Nm maximum torque. The turbo petrol engine is always offered in conjunction with the ten-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

Up to 3.5 tons of trailer load

In Germany, all four-wheel drive engines are offered. In other markets, there will also be rear-wheel drive, which can also switch to four-wheel drive as needed. With permanent four-wheel drive, the driver can then choose between different driving conditions, which must ensure optimal traction on any surface.

With 3.5 tons, the pickup can pull more than before. Lashing eyes in the loading area must be able to withstand loads of up to 500 kg. The static roof load is increased from 225 to 350 kg. Impressive! And whether the new Amarok keeps what they promise will be seen later in the test.

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