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Dr Serkan Aygin in his clinic in Turkey. ©

Unfortunately, the tooth of time gnaws at everyone sooner or later, and so does hair growth. It is also subject to genetics: Hereditary hair loss is not only common among men.

Many women also struggle with thinner hair around menopause. The only permanent solution is one hair transplantation, which promises full hair into old age. It is especially popular Hair transplantation in Turkeybecause this can especially with a fantastic Price-performance ratio convince.

In the country around the Bosphorus, many surgeons have gained a first-class reputation internationally. In the modern clinics of Turkey is always most innovative technology available so that most modern methods can be offered.

Hair transplantation: the cost in Turkey is manageable

Prices for hair transplants can vary greatly, which is why a price comparison is highly recommended. The lowest possible cost is an important criterion for many people when it comes to Choosing a hair transplant provider walks. In Germany, the costs amount to between 2,500 and 8,000 euros, although the costs are not normally covered by health insurance.

Hair transplant prices_before
Through many years of experience to natural results. ©

Since these prices are simply not affordable for many, one Hair transplantation in Turkey be a cheap alternative. Most hair transplants are done in the capital Istanbul, because here are some recognized clinics resident. Here is a Cost savings of up to 70 percent quite realistic, whereby the quality does not have to be sacrificed.

that Hair transplant prices in Turkey is lower than in Germany because the cost of living is much lower. Of course, it also affects the salaries of medical staff. In addition, many patients come to Turkey from other countries, thus boosting the economy. The providers are often also financially supported by the Turkish government.

Hair transplantation Turkey: reports are consistently positive

Is self-evident Statements from other patients always a good way to get an overview. You should spend a lot of time, especially when it comes to comparing providers with particularly low prices. The opinions of the patients are predominantly positive Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic in the heart of Istanbul.

For more than 25 years now, the surgeon has been helping people from all over the world achieve a whole new quality of life and more confidence. One Growth of 98 percent is an excellent testimony to the extraordinary work of Dr. Serkan Aygin and his team.

Winning the European Awards in Medicine in 2019 also testifies to this. Serkan Aygin Clinic offers all modern techniques, including e.g. DHI hair transplant and Sapphire FUE. After a free consultation, the best solution to each patient’s hairy problem can be found.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is also all-encompassing

that Hair transplantation costs in Turkey must be as transparent and clear as possible. For this reason, inclusive packages are always very popular. Also Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic wants to make patients’ stays in Turkey as relaxed as possible and is therefore dependent on Worry-free package with all necessary services. You do not have to worry about anything in advance and on the spot, and you can concentrate fully on the procedure and the subsequent improvement.

Of course, first a free and no-obligation hair analysis by Dr. Serkan Aygin, you do not have to travel to Turkey for that. By the way, they have to Price for hair transplant only paid in the clinic.

Hair transplant prices_before results
A cheap hair transplant with the highest quality. ©

After analysis of similar images, a free consultation Take place. The price includes return flight and all transfers between airport, hotel and clinic. The hair transplant, for which there is a 12-month quality control performed with the maximum number of grafts and in painless and needle-free anesthesia.

An interpreter is available on site 24/7 for hassle-free communication. Patients are three days in one 4 star hotel accommodated with breakfast. For post processing they receive all necessary medication as well as special hair care products. In addition, laser therapy follows the hair transplant.

Hair transplantation in Turkey provides first-class value for money

that cheap price in Turkey is a compelling argument for a professional hair transplant by a recognized specialist. that Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic is the ideal partner when it comes to maximum experience and precision.

hair transplant prices_clinic
The ultra-modern and tasteful clinic in Istanbul. ©

The team is always up to date when it comes to technology and methods. In conclusion, one can say that one Hair transplantation in Turkey is a cheaper alternative with really good quality.


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