Bitcoin: Now Miners Are Under Massive Pressure – Is The Next Crash Imminent?

Bitcoin and the crypto markets continue to hang in a thread. The recent crash has bankrupted several crypto rental companies and hedge funds, and now mining companies are fighting for liquidity. Is the next crash imminent? What development do analysts expect?

The turmoil in the crypto market continues. Now the crisis is also affecting Bitcoin miners.

Photo: PantherMedia / Dusan Zidar

Week after week, Bitcoin and the still young crypto industry are plagued by new bad news. Since the demise of Terras (LUNA, then renamed LUNC), companies have fallen like dominoes, illustrating the sometimes unhealthy structural interconnection. The crypto rental company Celsius Network, the competitor Vauld, the crypto bank Voyager Digital – they are all affected. Now the crisis is also affecting bitcoin miners: as blockchain researchers from, for example, Arcane state in a new analysis, the company’s revenues have collapsed by up to 80%.

Bitcoin on the abyss: will the trend reversal still succeed?

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